Redefine Me

Year Of The Plague

My World Is Ending

This Eternal Instant

Lost Reality

Soul Decision

Simplicity Demand

Obscure Indiscretion

My Secret Window

The Hours That Remain




Mikkel Sandager – Vocals
Jakob Mψlbjerg – Guitars
Martin Buus – Lead Guitars
Morten Sandager – Keys, backing vocals
Renι Pedersen – Bass/Vocals*
Mike Park – Drums
* Not on the album!

MERCENARY: "the  Hours that Remainmercenary       


11 Dreams


review by Gianrichy "Richy" Giamboi ___      

From blast beat with black or death metal vocals to very emotional intermezzos with intense sung refrain. 

The Hours That Remain is the bands fourth album. It seems that this band definitively has found its style made of a mix of heavy and melodic death metal. A mixture that fixes very well. Listening to "The Hours that remains" comes out as a very intense odyssey into deepest feelings and emotions due to the many different types of vocals that the band uses in a slightly effective and perfect way. Almost unbelievable how Mercenary manage to compose such songs using so many different styles in one song. From blast beat with black or death metal vocals to very emotional intermezzos with intense sung refrain, everything is used without falling into senseless patchwork. Also to mention is the amazing instrumental section that is able to pull out hardest death metal riffs to honeysweet melodies as if this was the most simple and natural thing. Here to mention track number three "My World is ending" that represents a beautiful example of pathetic singalong refrain in harmony with hard but melodic catchy riffing. A Perfect single.

From the technical point of view there is nothing to say. Perfect sound, clear but heavy bottomed guitars and bass, powerful drums with not too much overheads (I really hat it when the overheads of the drumkit are mixed in too loud, as they cover everything else if pushed too much). Another very important thing: also the keys are not too loud!
After all an almost perfect album! Personally, i would have preferred a little more hard vocals, but this has nothing to do with the quality of the output as being a strictly personal matter of preference. I hope to see Mercenary as soon as possible, as I have missed them last time at the Summer Breeze open air in 2003. I' m looking forward to this moment ! …my world is eeeendiiing!! ..beautiful really!



rating: 9/10



Gianrichy Giamboi  04.09.2006

Limited edition version of the album includes Bonus-DVD with +120 minutes of

"Making Of" documentary and live recordings

MERCENARY – "The Hours That Remain" Bonus DVD Content:

1: The making of "The Hours that Remain":

• Play all

• Chapters:

• Intro (1:03)

• Pre-production (4:41)

• Mikkel’s guided tour (14:02)

• Entering the studio (19:49)

• Guest vocals (2:08)

• Photo shoot (3:13)

• Interview (13:21)

2: Dynamo Festival 2005 LIVE show:

• Play all

• Chapters:

• Intro/Redestructdead (5:44)

• Firesoul (8:03)

• Into the Sea of Dark Desires/World Hate Center (6:44)

• 11 Dreams (8.20)

• Official Firesoul Video Clip (4:55)

3: Official LIVE bootleg show (Pratteln / CH @ Z7)

• Play all

• Chapters:

• Intro/Redestructdead (6:18)

• Firesoul (8:27)

• Sharpen the Edges (5:42)

• Into the Sea of Dark Desires/World Hate Center (6:50)

• 11 Dreams (8:17)

Total playing time: 127:40 minutes / Format: Dolby Digital 2.0

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