Bloodsoil Revelation
Death World Struggle
Seeds Of Annihilation
In Fervent Eyes
The Serpent´s Creation
The Inexorable Darkness
Judas Billygoats / Judasböcke (LEMMING PROJECT Coverversion)
None Divine Passion



guest musicians:


Hendrik "Hazy" Vangerow (ex-LEMMING PROJECT)

Michele (RECAPTURE).

PURGATORY: "Luciferianism"     purgatory         Animate Records

Recorded And Mixed At "Soundart-Recording" Rosslau in July 2004

producer Björn Langkopf (Viu Drakh) - sound-engineer Alexander Lysjakow (ex-Cryptic Carnage, Down Below)

Interview with René Kögel_January 2009
Cultus Luciferi, the Splendour of Chaos

review by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   

"Luciferianism is a true piece of Death fuckin´Metal with a fuckin´brutal, blasphemous and dark attidude and influences"



René Kögel 



Crackling glorification of Death, 

with a touch of Black.


Acolytes of uncompromising Death Metal, this is the album for you! Inexorable Death, sinister killer! Luciferianism is the fourth full length from this German band from Sachsen, a band who is rewarded by a cult status  after almost 12 years (Purgatory were originally formed 1993) of existence in which mystically pitiless Death metal stuff has been provided through few albums which nevertheless represent the force of Death metal in one of its best forms. It seems to me that Purgatory don't play because they must do it as a job, they compose when  and how much they want as if they were preparing an earth quaking ritual. After 3 full lengths released through Perverted Taste, and after almost 4 years of break, René Kögel's  Purgatory have launched  their latest creation in puncto Death under the flag of Animate.  Luciferianism is  relentless, tight and absolutely punishing, but also able to  develop melodies and mid tempo catchy hammers. Drums provide the proper blast , the proper double  bass pulse and thunderous unrestrained force; the  guitars provide crunchy and crackling riffing and dense sounds.   Vocals are solid, firm, low, abysmal, guttural but not too brachial, agreeable and potent. Uptempo gets the priority but it is improved and dynamized by breakdowns and awesome tempo changes. Much of Eastern influences are to be traced, and consequently the fans of Vader or  Decapitated, listening to  Luciferianism,  can only feel at ease. And East is the cardinal point blessed by Lucifer.... 

One thing must be underlined , Purgatory are Death, mainly Death , a Death full of lively crepitation, that can become violent, or brutal  , but always and absolutely roaring. At times, Purgatory accept elements from Black Metal,  in particular, like often happens, focused on  certain guitar techniques. In Luciferianism Purgatory are using  catchy loops also, which  ignite  addictive inclinations and Black vibes again . Otherwise it's punishing Death. Please don't look for escapades and hybridized chimeras. Purgatory are one of the most faithful and solid Gate of Death.   Purgatory's music is music for  expert, genuine, legitimate Metallers. Purgatory is getting a kind of aura in the German scene not by chance and not through commercial actions, but through an almost concealed  presence, reachable only by a selected and blessed group of listeners, who find this music as a true evocation. Nonetheless Luciferianism, more than  Purgatory's previous releases, shows the side of a wider accessibility and enjoyableness. 


Luciferianism: 9 tracks summon an unrestrained power under the veil of a certain 90's approach. Bloodsoil Revelation opens with a fast though clearly cadenced into an impetuous riding. Seeds of Annihilation maintains the  very fast explosion of hateful violence while incredibly powerful  drumming mobilize the beast and flear up the fire. Death world struggle delivers an Old School erratic feature counterbalanced by  thundering backscapes.

In fervent Eyes is simply the hit, so captivating and addictive. Enthralling catchy and cadenced. Rich in catchy  steamhammering loops who enhance an interesting musical scheme generously based on midtempo and Kataklysm/old Agathodaimon flair. Let's include , for those who know the Swiss Underground, a parallelism with Darkmoon too. Its Attractive vibratos and breathtaking bass lines are unforgettable. In this song we can hear the backvocals from Michele (RECAPTURE).

The Serpent's Creation is crush and sinister vitality with some erratic elements, and the follower  The indexorable Darkness presents also erratic elements typical of the genre.

Judas Billygoats/Judasböcke has a quite thick Death/and Old School Black layer. It is the  cover track, originally written by Lemming Project. In this track Björn (VIU DRAKH) played guitar with René Kögel and at the same time Purgatory got additional vocals from Hendrik "Hazy" Vangerow (ex-LEMMING PROJECT) 

 None divine passion is guarantee for  an abyssal pound with touch of overdriven guitars , some heavy metal proceeding mixed with thunderous  midtempo Death/Black. The fast Luciferic sees guitars and drumming tempo in syntony, while exaltation is reached  through slower sparkling passages and the "fade - away" final. Again guitars and drums are excellent indeed. 

All tracks  show experience and surgical precision in uptempo, midtempo and really fast rhythm.  Luciferianism is a glorification of Death. 

rating:   9.6/10


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