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Cri- Vocals
Teo "Saxo" - Guitars
Degio - Guitars
Lollo - Bass
Teo- Drums

RELAYPSE: "Mexico"    relaypse     


Demo 2002  "Relaypse"


review  by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___                        

Mexico…I guess is kind of wondrous and mysterious in different aspects, just don’t go to Tijuana.

    Going by what I reviewed before, this is an extension of their EP they put out a year or two ago. And since then, they have improved. Before, they sounded like any ordinary metal band that actually sounded American. Which is odd because the band is Italian. It’s always been my experience that European bands sound like they’re from, well…Europe. On this CD, they are sounding more European and not so American.


     There are things on this CD that are puzzling, like, why Mexico? The song, from what I gather from the song’s feel, is that Mexico is this mysterious place. It reminds me of the feel that Xandria, a completely different band, was going with on their album and title track “India.” Although, my argument for India is that it was considered to be this mysterious and wondrous place to go to prior to the Raj. Mexico…I guess is kind of wondrous and mysterious in different aspects, just don’t go to Tijuana, trust me it’s a shithole. Besides that, I loved the song. It is my favorite on the CD and I’ve listened to it several times. I really like the vocal harmonies and the sample at the beginning of the song. The guitars sound hard and are coupled with blast beats from the drums. The song was put together wonderfully.


     Devon sounds like something that Pantera might have came up with in the early 90’s. After the first chorus hits, Relaypse puts their own spin on it and it sounds like a very heavily guitar driven song. The singing has definitely improved since I first heard them in 2002. The vocals have a better consistency than they did back then. Not to mention the reverb on the guitar sounds great too.


     Now, Discotheque is an interesting song. Towards the end, they stick in this ultra weird dance sample that totally doesn’t belong to where the song was going and went the opposite direction confusing the hell out of me. Plus, just after that, the producer/engineer made the singer sound like Cher for a verse or two….yes CHER! The same vocal effect! Otherwise, the song was mellow, it was something could just hang out to and listen to without having to think too much of anything. It’s a perfect track to put after another track of a mix CD. Although, once that dance sample kicks in, the whole song goes nutso. It’s worth listening to, to hear what you are reading about. It’s funny, not bad, I‘m not complaining, it’s just very very different. 


     Overall, I like the improvements. This review is short because I reviewed half of this CD on my first review and I can’t remember if the band re-recorded those songs or possibly remixed them. The original tracks I had of this band were on my previous mac. I think the album is a little short though, I think it could use two more solid tracks like India and Lost For The Victory. I liked the guitar sounds, the drums, I thought the vocals could have been touched up a bit in the EQ department and maybe a better delay on them and the bass could have had a better presence. I like it, I say check this band out, you won’t regret it.

rating: 8/10  


Matthew Haumschild  16.12.2006  
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