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01. Pattern Of Thought (Intro)
02. Line On Fire
03. Death From Above
04. The Scars That You Can't See
05. More Than Myself
06. Future
07. Mr.Sin
08. Into The Void
09. All In A Moment
10. Archetype


Ramon R Messina  

Aldo Lonobile  

Marco Pastorino  

Andy Buratto  

Gabriele Ciaccia  

Keyboards, piano
Federico Pennazzato  



2010 Archetype
2008 Sweet Blood Theory
2006 Heart & Anger
2003 Scent Of Human Desire
2001 A Time Nevercome
1999 Mistress Of The Shadowlight

SECRET  SPHERE: "Archetype"        

Recorded at Authoma Studios and produced by guitarist Aldo Lonobile and Federico Pennazzato. The album was mastered at Massive Arts Studio, while the artwork was handled by Gustavo Savez.

Commented the band: 
"We have special guest in this new album, like Trevor from SADIST singing along with Ramon in the opening track and Alessandro Conti from TRICK OR TREAT and Damnagoras from ELVENKING singing all the choirs with Ramon.

"Well, we can't say will be like this or this, for sure will be SECRET SPHERE, some songs is very closed to 'A Time Nevercome' era, some other closed to 'Sweet Blood Theory', some is completely new also for us. But all the CD has been composed during the greatest year of our carreer. Some arrangements had been decided on the road during the GAMMA RAY tour!

"We really think you will enjoy the music!!!"

review  by Salvo Russo____   

No space for excessive romanticism.

It’s a mark made in Italy….Secret Sphere comes back with another enjoyable album, the sixth album, that puts together melody & power following the consolidated style that has given a good notoriety to the band.

Roberto Ramon is at his leisure singing the great melodies of “Death From Above” that is ready to become a power metal anthem, thanks to the involving melody and the mood created by the great work made by the rhythmic session in which Federico makes a pure sweet massacre by the double bass drum pedal .
Secret Sphere is able to create songs that can be defined classic mid tempos songs…in which the prevalence of progressive parts puts in evidence an elegant approach …it’s the case of “ The Scars That You Can’t See” …another song that could please both  power metal fans and those who likes bands like To Die For and Negative.
The band gets inspiration from classic power metal bands…and it’s impossible not to notice it  by listening to “More Than Myself” or “Future”, two classic power metal songs in which the band usually sets a mark of personality with great variations and good inserts both for what concerns the arrangements but also thanks the prog attitude that makes  their songs never boring .
One of my favorite ones is another mid tempo song “Mister.Sin” in which the band finds a great melody sung by Roberto in a perfect way.
This album gets only one ballad “ All In A Moment”…that is not a classic slow ballad and it’s better to define it …a Power ballad. Another successfully melody perfectly arranged by the band that doesn’t leave much space to excessive romanticism.
The title track closes this album, and it’s a great and powerful track , that  is one of the best Secret Sphere; there’s power metal, epic metal shadows, hard rock, progressive….and the unmistakable melodic approach that gives a very kind of originality to this Italian band that in these years has developed a great confidence with compositions . In my opinion, Secret Sphere makes another important step to become a very esteemed international band.
If you like good melodic metal ….Secret Sphere is ready to amaze you!


Salvo Russo    

Salvo Russo is editor for since 2001

He is based in Italy, reachable at this e-mail address





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