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Where the sea ends

First Snake

Loud & Raw

Dance with the Devil

Set me free

I won't say a Word

Lights on

Leonardo da Vinci

You still remain

Bad Blood

No Reason why

Faster than the Storm




Ramon - vocals

Aldo Lonobile - lead guitars

Paolo "paco" Gianotti - guitars

Daniel Flores - drums

Antonio Agate - keyboards

Andrea Buratto - bass


SECRET SPHERE: "Heart & Anger"    secret sphere                        NBR

Symphonic parts performed by "Secret Symphony Orchestra", born for this special occasion, 50 classical musicians, some of them from "Alla Scala" theatre, Milan.
Choirs are performed by the opera singers of Micrologus ensamble and by Vera Quarleri, Marco Mesemi (Morgana singer) and Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth singer), who also sings as special guest on the song "First Snake" with Ramon.

review  by Salvo  Russo____   



The melody is the essence of their songs! 


What a great album!!!!! Till now, in my opinion, this is one,   of the best album in this 2005 together  with "Freeman" the latest Labyrinth album. This Italian band plays a style that can't be defined  simply power-metal. There are a lot of influences: gothic, progressive, melodic metal are the most important, but also shadows of Children of Bodom and classic hard-rock! The melody is the essence of their songs! This album comes after the very good previous one in which the band was able to show a good attitude to compose very good songs and create a great  dark atmosphere mixed to power metal that anyway it's  the main attitude. The strength of this band is to make very good melodies and good songs. The brilliant performance of all members makes this album a great metal opera in which only a couple of songs are not up to the task.

Great powerful songs like: "First Snake" that is a classic power-metal song in which there's the special guest apparition of Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) that makes a great duet with Ramon; "Dance with the Devil" is pure emotion!!!! A great song in which the touch of darkness and melancholy fills the essence of this track. Great arrangement and great vocals. Guitars shows a powerful riffs but also an elegant refrain full of emotional melody.

"I won't say a Word" seems a H.I.M. track with a touch of power-rock!!!!! A melancholy mid-tempos in which the band creates deep feelings into an elegant mood ....a very original idea! It's just a power love-metal song!!!!!!!


Traces of progressive are all in "Lights on" a very articulated song where the classical influences meets the powerful arrangement. Children of Bodom shadows are all in the begin of "Bad Blood" in which keyboards  can't but remind this famous band. in this song  I notice an amazing acoustic guitar solo. There's a great atmosphere in this song, and surely it is one of the best of this album.

"You still remain" is a beautiful ballad full of romanticism and melody in which it's impossible not to notice the perfect arrangement full of keyboard and acoustic guitars; Perfect melancholic chords and a very emotional refrain makes this this song one of the best ballad ever composed by this band.
The album is closed with a good classic power metal song: "Faster than the Storm". 

In conclusion I notice that Ramon (the singer) shows a very good voice and he's supported by good musicians able to make good songs, articulated under all aspects, and there's also a great importance for the melodies that are full of intensity and emotions.

Anyway I don't appreciate the usual refrain of "Loud and row" and "Where the Sea ends" in which in my opinion  there's no the same compositive inspiration.

If you like good melodic metal, this is album is just for you!!!! Buy or die!


rating: 9/10  


Salvo  Russo  
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