Better Alone 

Silence So Loud 

Dressed In White

Frozen Mile

The Burning Frame

Everything Ends

Unbreakable Calm

Far From A Dream

Eyes Of May

  Mikko Heikkilä - Vocals / Guitar
Tommi Muhli - Guitar
Jarno Uski - Bass
Miika Hostikka - Drums

SINAMORE: "Seven Sins a Second"     sinamore      



A new Day

review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___ 

Dark in gothic adult way.


        My brothers and sisters of metal, it isn’t very often where a band comes out with a CD that was better than their debut. Since I’ve been reviewing CD’s for gryphonmetal.ch I’ve noticed a consistency with bands who put out music every year or every two years, it’s usually a consistent with their previous release or worse. Sinamore on the other hand, has put out a better album that was unexpected! It sounds completely different than their previous release where “Seven Sins A Second” has similarities to “A New Day” but is a much heavier, concise, methodical, album and features much better guitar work.


            I thought it was odd that Sinamore placed, “Outro” as their opening track. I usually skip it because the track didn’t make sense to me. However, when I listen to the CD starting at “Better Alone,” and listen to the whole CD and when “Outro” comes back around after “Eyes of May,” and it sounds really cool! It’s a very weird feeling, then the CD sounds great starting out with “Outro.”


            “Better Alone” shocked the hell out of me. It’s sounds like a thrash song! Most Finnish bands sound the same to my ears. But this track doesn’t sound like it’s coming from a Finnish band! It’s hard, it’s fast, and it’s not Gothic like everything else I’ve heard from them. People could start a pit with this song it sounds so good!  I was very impressed by this song! It grabbed my attention quickly, which is a good thing for any song. It isn’t plain; the song grabs the listener’s attention and says, “HEAR ME!”


            The other track I felt the same way about was “The Burning Frame.” It’s another track I was completely surprised about. It just as fast as “Better Alone” but in my opinion, it has more depth in terms of guitar harmonies and the singing is more melodic. I find that out of all the Sinamore songs on this CD, I listen to both of these tracks more than all the others.


            The other tracks on this album follow a similar formula to their previous CD, only not nearly as gloomy. It’s gothic, don’t get me wrong but it follows more in the vein of to/die/for rather than Novembre. It’s goth/rock but it’s not as depressing. “Unbreakable Calm” has a nice drum and guitar intro before the singing comes in. It’s a sad song but it was well composed. Sinamore incorporated screaming and growling it in which is unusual for the band. It has a really nice dark yet natural feel to the song. Of all the songs on this CD that could have been on “A New Day” it would be “Eyes Of May.” The song starts out with a dry (without effects) soft sung lyrical monolog before the drums kick in and that drowned the song in further in this wonderful melancholic state that can make anyone think about, well, anything semi-gloomy. It’s hard to explain. The song makes depressing things sound good, in an artistic sort of way.


            Overall Impressions:

            I liked the CD a lot. It was gothic and depressing in spots but it was depressing in a way where it wasn`t cheesy and high-schoolish. It was dark in gothic adult way. It had touched on things that have been touched before but in a way that was tasteful. I feel that Sinamore has grown tremendously as a band, so much so that I was rather shocked by what they have done. Seven Sins A Second is more of a complete album than before, mainly because their previous effort was made up of demos and all the songs for this CD were made at the same time. I would expect this from now on from this band. I feel this is a solid effort and a complete improvement over their previous CD. Bravo!


rating: 9/10


Matthew Haumschild   24.12.2007
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