Gematria (The killing Name)



Dead Memories


Butcher's Hook


This cold Black 

Wherein Lies continue


All Hope is gone




Corey #8 - vocals
Mick #7 - guitar
Sid #0 - turntables
Shawn #6 - custom percussion
Paul #2 - bass
Joey #1 - drums
Chris #3 - custom percussion
James #4 - guitar
Craig #5 - samples/media

SLIPKNOT: "All Hope is gone"     slipknot         roadrunner records


Dave Fortman producer

Jeremy Parker engineering

Colin Richardson mixer

Matt Hyde mix engineering

Oli Wright assistant engineering


review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner ___  


Ferocious and deadly accuracy.

Well it has been awhile since we have heard anything new from this group.  But it has been worth the wait!  Heavy, Loud aggressive!  True to the nature of Slipknot you wouldn't be let down.

The album is complete with 15 songs straight from the black heart of the midwest, starting with Execute an into to the heavy hitting Gematria followed by Sulfur and then Psychoscial, Dead Memories, Vendetta, Butcher's Hook, Gehenna, This Cold Black, Wherein Lies Continue, Snuff, All Hope is Gone,+ Child of Burning Time, Vermillion Pt.2, 'Til We Die.  Ready to assault the world the band has donned new facemasks (http://slipknot1.silverback.sparkart.net/photos/Slipknot) and a return to the tried and tested approach to their style of metal,  Driven, articulate and psychosomatic.

A number one debut on Billboard 200 as well as shooting to the top of the charts on the opening week in Japan and  thunderous reviews and shows lined up worldwide Slipknot has returned with another crowd pleaser with the throngs of fans erupting like molten lava from all the cracks in the earth.  A sickness that spread with ferocious and deadly accuracy overtaking the weak.  "We will Burn your Cities Down...!" , Gematria, I also like This cold Black

"All Hope is gone" was released by Roadrunner Records on August 20th 2008, and was recorded at Sound Farm in Jamaica, Iowa.

rating: 10/10  


Steve Rautner   16.09.2008  


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