1. Beauty And The Freak
2. Revolution, Baby
3. Turn It Up
4. My Own Life
5. Burn This City
6. Black And Blue
7. Miles Apart
8. Plans Are For People
9. Leave Me Alone
10.Break Of Day
11. We Rule The Night


Nathan J. Biggs 

Richard Sjunnesson

Robin Sjunnesson

Guitar - Vocals
Roger Sjunnesson  

Karin Axelsson

Bass - Vocals
John Bengtsson 



2005: Eden Fire

2007: Only Inhuman

2008: Love And Other Disasters

2010: We Rule The Night

SONIC SYNDICATE: "We Rule The Night"           NB


review  by Dalia F. C. Di Giacomo____   

A hit for boygroup Take That? Who knows.

I passed quite much time listening to this CD from this Swedish band. Maybe more than necessary. Whatsoever. In spite of all my good will,  I  never changed my opinion, the opinion  i got at a first listening. And my personal opinion is that this album is nothing but a well build commercial operation. The only songs i like and that are truly able to arise some interest in me are the opener Beauty And The Freak, a powerful, rhythmic enthralling song in which Metal perfectly merges with a certain Post-Grunge rock mood and Leave Me Alone, Metalcore full of gothic sorrow. In my opinion two truly captivating tracks, sung and played with passion. 

But...well that's all. Why the existence of other songs in this album? Right: otherwise it would be no album...but death to albums when they contain only few (or only two) great songs and the rest is so poor. Here... what is the rest? Some songs seem even to  belong  to "pop metal" like Revolution, Baby and the low level gymnast, party song Turn It Up, that very likely needed a so called shocking (?) video to complete the emptiness of the composition, although lyrics "hold a deeper meaning and are based on a true story of a girl who has gone into a downward spiral of addiction and self-destruction, hurting herself and those around her". Could be the song  My Own Life  a hit for  boygroup Take That? Who knows. Maybe It's unbelievable:  a beast of a song like Break Of Day has been decomposed by a banal  melody in the refrain. The album is quite rich of effects and no one can dispute about the good playing technique or the interesting vocals, but i'm pissed off about albums pumped up by a super production that hides both the lack of ideas in composition and the unclear definition of style bringing too much influences without complete any of them: Burn This City is an example of all this. Oh wait a minute: Plans Are For People is not that bad, apart the weak mediocre refrain,...again...: hallelujah.


SONIC SYNDICATE - Turn It Up from Nuclear Blast on Vimeo.

"Turn It Up", the new video from Swedish/British modern metallers SONIC SYNDICATE, was allegedly banned from Facebook for violating the popular social-networking site's terms and conditions (which includes agreeing not to post "obscene, pornographic, or sexually explicit photos, as well as any photos that depict graphic violence"). In addition, the band's official Facebook profile was deleted and the "Turn It Up" clip was removed from YouTube due to its "offensive content."

"When we filmed this video, we, of course, we wanted to make a video that would shock the world and what better way to do it then with sex, drugs, blood and rock and roll!" stated SONIC SYNDICATE's British singer Nathan James Biggs. "But along with the video comes some very strong lyrical content that takes us way deeper then what you're acutely visualizing in the new video.

"We hope that everyone can take one step back and remember that along with a new video comes a new SONG which indeed has LYRICS and meaning.

"SONIC SYNDICATE in no way supports alcohol abuse or drug usage.

"'Turn it Up' is, no doubt, a party song and designed to be the soundtrack to a great night out. However, the lyrics hold a deeper meaning and are based on a true story of a girl who has gone into a downward spiral of addiction and self-destruction, hurting herself and those around her.

"We purposely made a video to be entertaining but we also want to highlight these negativities with hopes of making people think before they go too far."     from Blabbermouth Oct. 4, 2010

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