My destructive War
My darkest Angel
I want out
Sons of Sin 




Gemini - Vocals

Antonio Randazzo -  Guitar 
Tommaso Careri - Guitar
Fullmoon - Bass, Keys

Antonio Amodeo - Drums


SUPERBIA: "Superbiademo 2007             superbia      


Overcoming The Pain

review  by dalia di giacomo ___             


When pride comes from Sicily.



As first thing i would say that this emerging band from Sicily distinguishes itself from many other Italian bands for a simple fact: the singer sings well, reaching a high level that is quite standard "abroad" . Maybe you imagine that in Italy everybody is singing all day long making thus of Italians a people of excellent vocalists "tout court". Wrong. The very good singers in Italy are not numerous (and therefore so successfully all over the world) and even less in Extreme Metal where, in Italy,  the union between talented musicianship and a very good singer is rare thing. But when this happens, you get awesome results. Frontman and founder Gemini delivers powerful and perfectly tuned growls that can accept moments of evil deep  screaming like in the song I want out. The English pronunciation is more than satisfactory. In few words, the vocal impact is immediately intense and forceful. 


The rest is done by a set of educated, lively figures played by the guitars and by a valuable rhythmic session. Although the quantity of technique expressed is relevant, the music remains always fluent, genuine, harsh and of course applied with a significant portion of brutality. The genre is mainly Melodic Death, but a Melodic Death well mixed with spicing tunes of Classic Heavy and Thrash/Deathcore. Small windows are left open for Progressive, again well harmonized and never boring. This latter fact avoids the songs to be simple, nonetheless we are fortunately far from too elaborated, complicated tracks. So, all in all, this demo 2007 (the second demo from the band), offers 4 very good tracks with an equilibrated measure of ear-worm chords, straight in your face and mosh -arising riffs and precious guitar work. If the band goes on this way nothing and no one can forbid to this combo to become a new true manifestation of mightiness in a near future. 
The demo "Superbia" is also expression of a certain experience,  having the guys already played so many concerts and opened  for Grave and Rotting Christ too. Born in 2002 the band is also quite stable, having passed through only one  line- up change in 2004. Finally the production has contributed to give us this valid product, nonetheless i wonder what Superbia could become in a bigger studio.


As mentioned before, all 4 tracks are very attractive, in particular three of them show much class and precisely My darkest Angel, I want out and Sons of Sin (therefore this demo is totally gratifying). In these songs all points of quality of Superbia's music get  their best structure: vivid heavy composition, guitar echoes at the end of the tracks and double- bass discharges used at times as breakdowns, at times as attack-support. Indeed drums are very elastic and support properly both  pace -changes  and genre hybridism. Moreover, to make bass- drum breakdowns as those of  classic doom still remains a valuable feature.  

The outro of Sons of Sin surprises us even with a sudden final heavy funereal atmosphere where keyboards add dark emotion. This also helps to remind the demo and invites to renewed listening. And, deep under the surface, Sons of Sin keeps much of Black Metal in itself, but with the presence of Heavy Metal harmonic yet piercing lead guitar solos.
The second track My darkest Angel was already another  punch of violent darkness and memorable melodic passages with excellent final echo. The intro of I want out is memorable too. I want out is a fast, "head-banging" scream and crush of fear, where drums and vocals are the sparklers, sustained by pressing rhythmics. I don't like the title in itself cause it reminds me to the total different "I want out" from Helloween. For me, the combination of words "I want  out" means Helloween. It's a Pavlov conditional reflex, you know?  The opener My destructive War is anyway an adequate track , the one who has a clear Thrash beginning followed by interesting modifications and tempo changes.


Personally, i  don't want  Superbia to evolve into a more technical or more progressive band, i would like Superbia to focus more and more on a straight Melodic Death. Nonetheless Superbia is formed by  skilled musicians who like wide horizons. We will see. I know the band is currently working on original ideas and i think Superbia can be already pride of the work done till now, starting any new project from a good base achieved . After all, pride doesn't come from mediocrity. Oh by the way, what does it mean the Italian word "superbia"? Pride. When pride comes from Sicily, it can be only Superbia.


Rating: 8,6/10 


dalia di giacomo  11.11.2007


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