Ashes and Dreams
Begin & End




Vocals: Nell 
Vocals: Raymond I. Rohonniy 
Guitars: Frank Claussen 
Guitars: Vegard K. Thorsen 
Drums: Hein Frode Hansen 
Keyboards: Lorentz Aspen 

THEATRE OF TRAGEDY: "Storm"  theatre of tragedy          AFM Records

Produced by Rico Darum and mixed by Greg Reely at The Green Jacket studios in Richmond, B.C., Canada.

"Storm" is the group's first to feature singer Nell, who replaced Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull (currently in LEAVES' EYES) in early 2004.



review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

On the whole they sound very good and Nell is a great singer

This album represents the return of a historic gothic metal band! In these latest the will to change its style has shown different styles proposed by this band, and it’s difficult to describe the style of this new work! There’s a gothic touch that remind of the old their style, but there’s also new metal and electronic music!

On the whole they sound very good and Nell is a great singer who leaves no shadows of Liv Kristine! 


The tile track is a great song in which modern metal guitars are mixed to dark atmosphere of the song, full of groove, I can’t say the same about “Silence” in which the band doesn’t find the right groove into a modern metal song. We return to gothic by “Ashes and Dreams” in which male and female vocals are perfectly mixed into an ethereal atmosphere full of dark passion!

The powerful  ”Voices” shows the essence of the band into a great melody in which Nell gives a special touch with a great interpretation.

“Fade” is involved in gothic visions in which the sufferance is played by a special magic touch and brings us  the best Theatre of Tragedy!!!

There’s still modern metal into “Begin and End” that mixes new modern metal sounds into gothic atmosphere, the song sounds good but in my opinion the groove is mediocre.

Another great song is “Senseless”,  another ethereal one in which the music seems to take us into another dimension…Nell’s voice touches the sky,  the sound is a mixture among electronic music, modern metal and gothic metal!

“Exile” is a mediocre song, but it arrives before of  the great “Disintegration”….This is the jewel of this album!!! What a great groove!!!!The album is at the top...The classic TOT style finds a great groove and it’s in!!!

The album is closed by “Debris” that is a  great funereal song mixed into modern metal sound.

For me this is a very good album, and if you like gothic metal mixed into a modern sound , this album is a pure jewel.


rating: 8,5/10  


Salvo  Russo  10.05.2006  
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