01. Devils
02. Feel Berlin
03. Nothing on You
04. Sister of Charity
05. Lost Boys
06. Jimmy
07. August Moon
08. Beneath the Blue
09. Christina Death
10. Hevioso
11. Only You Can Save Me




Jyrki 69 - vocals
Bazie - guitar
Timo-Timo - guitar
Archzie - bass
Jussi 69 - drums


THE 69 EYES: "Devils"           the 69eyes               Virgin / EMI

Produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Sentenced, Moonspell etc.) and Johnny Lee Michaels


Interview with Jyrki
The 69 Eyes live in Switzerland 2002
Paris Kills
Dance d'Amour

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Too much similar to Sister of Mercy

This album is without a shadow of doubt better than the previous " Paris Kills", even if there are many aspects to improve! There are good mixtures between classic goth and rock'n roll but not always they're able to find the right groove!

Sometimes they're too much similar to Sister of Mercy, but it's evident that there are also influences from classic glam....A style that in my opinion they have never abandoned!

There are very good intro-songs but sometimes refrains don't leave a mark! It's impossible not to underline the magic dark-goth atmosphere of "Sister of Charity" that reminds me of the best Type O Negative Bloody Kisses era, with its fantastic macabre atmosphere in which Jyrki gives the best of himself with its voice!

Promo 2004

The single "Devils" gets good rhythmic ideas but not melodic...Jyrky sings with the usual voice! If I remember the first release ...I remember another voice...in my opinion more original than now....Now he wants his low timbre can't but remind of Peter Steele in low parts but ....this is not Jyrky's voice!

On the whole there are some good songs in this release...I underline "Only you can save me that is a sad gothic song that mixes the latest Him but also a touch of Sister Of Mercy, the goth'n'roll of "Beneath the blue"...a good song in which the band is able to mix rock'n'roll guitars with a goth atmospheres!  

Jussi 69There are also mediocre songs like "Feel Berlin" that begins in a very good way ...but it gets a very uninspired and monotonous refrain, the same for "August moon" ..that is another mediocre one. "Lost boys" is a  glam song with a touch of goth.....only for the vocal!!!


Concerning technical aspects I notice good guitars arpeggio, and also fair keyboards atmospheres! Of course good arrangements in according with the style.


 A fair album that is far from nu gothic metal (evanescence, within temptation) and could interest all those who appreciate old goth style nearer to Sister Of Mercy.


rating: 6.5/10  


Salvo  Russo  


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