1.Grip of love
2.It's alright
3.Hungry world
4.The battle rages on
5.Wheel of fortune
6.Hard luck messiah
7.Burning time
8.Pay the band
9.The rats and us
10.Kingdom come

  John Garner - vocals
Patrick Klein - guitar
Randy Pratt - bass
Bobby Rondinelli - drums

THE LIZARDS : "The Lizards rule"                    the lizards         Hyperspace Records

Cold Blooded Kings
Interview with Randy Pratt
dvd Live at B.B. King's, N.Y.C.

review  by Dimitris "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos____   

The Lizards consist of Randy Pratt and Patrick Klein, two artists that have played in numerous bands in the 70's among which are Vanilla Fudge, Sir Lord Baltimore, Blue Cheer and many others. On the drums we find the legendary Bobby Rondinelli who's been drummer for Rainbow, Black Sabbath and currently in Blue Oyster Cult. But who's the guy behind this huge voice? It's hard to believe it but it's true, John Garner from Sir Lord Baltimore, one of the first heavy metal bands ever, is singing on this CD!

Some things about their album now, which is their second CD, and it can be described as a classic American Hard Rock album. The songs have a cool feeling and although the album is not the release of the year, it's a pretty good record. It starts with the dynamic Grip Of Love, a great opener and an excellent Hard Rock song.  Hungry World is another great tune with an incredible melodic break in the middle of it,  and i won't comment more the first 3 songs of the CD because they are all great and i believe the album holds it's power till  the first half of its length. Especially The Battle Rages On is an incredible slow bluesy song, i can't remember how many times i heard it in a row. John's voice shines on all songs. 

But the last 3-4 songs, i must say, they didn't stand up to the high standards of the first tunes, apart from Kingdom Come, but they are not bad anyway. Randy's bass playing is very clean and he is just a pleasure to be  listened to and also Bobby's drumming is always excellent. No words can do justice to such musicians. When the top players come together for an album a good work is always sure.

So if you like good old classic American Hard Rock with lots of feeling and passion don't hesitate to add this album to  your collection!

Rating: 8.5/10

Dimitris Theodoropoulos  



Both the debut album The Lizards and The Lizards Rule are available by sending check or money order for 15.00$ US payable to Hyperspace Records,P.O. Box 1374,Manhasset,NY 11030
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