The Opal Crest Of Zed
Cold Blooded Kings
Take A Ride
Rising Star
Dark Matter
We Are Dinosaurs
Magic Cloud


Mike DiMeo - vocals
Patrick Klein - guitar
Randy Pratt - bass
Bobby Rondinelli - drums

THE LIZARDS: "Cold Blooded Kings"     the lizards         Hyperspace Records

The Lizards rule
Interview with Randy Pratt
dvd Live at B.B. King's, N.Y.C.

review  by Dimitris "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos____   

Interesting songs, incredible drumming, frantic creativity

In a very short time The Lizards release their brand new studio album and after many careful listens i can clearly say that it's their best work to date.

Garner was a great singer and he suited the band a lot but his replacement, Mike DiMeo (formerly of the heavy metal group Riot) brought new elements to the band.

The album starts with Opal Crest Of Zed, a strange title but what a great song, i am sure this one will surely rock when played live.

The self titled song of the album, Cold Blooded Kings, is next and is another classic Lizards song with a pretty cool chorus.

Take A Ride is a very beautiful ballad, i can imagine this one with Garner on the vocals but Mike's singing takes the song to new heights. I could go on and on commenting on Bobby's drumming on the album, but i will say in a few words that this is by far the best performing of his career for a very long time. I could even go on and compare his drumming with his days in Rainbow. The production helps Bobby's playing to be heard clearly and his ideas are very clever and unique in a way.

Down is a another great track which starts as a ballad but turns out as a bluesy rock tune with some awesome guitar work from Patrick.

Rising Star is quite a happy tune, with some very nice piano work and a pleasant melody all way through the song. A song that would make anyone's mood better.

The next song Hyperspace (named after their label's name?) starts with Randy playing a harmonica solo and then the guitar riff kicks in. It's an instrumental song and a very good one. Brilliant work done by all of the band.

Dark Matter is a heavier song with some funky moments and another good track overall.

The next song is probably a self describing song of the band called We Are Dinosaurs. A slow and groovy tune with interesting experimentations from the band.

The song that closes the album is Magic Cloud. A short in duration song but a great melodic composition with Randy's bass shining.

All in all, we have Lizards’ 3rd album and the best so far. I didn’t really find any songs that weren’t interesting and the drumming from Bobby is incredible. Mike’s voice has suited the band very well and he is a great addition to their sound. Randy’s bass is always a guarantee for a pumping rhythm and Patrick’s guitar licks never fail to astound me. I am really curious for the band’s next studio album, will they manage to keep up this frantic creativity they’re on? Those of you who have the chance to catch them on tour do so, I am sure they won’t disappoint you and be sure to hear Cold Blooded Kings before so you are well prepared for a classic hard rock show in the American way.

rating:   9/10


Dimitris Theodoropoulos
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