The Beginning Of The End
A good Day To Die
In The Name Of Rock
Bitches Street
She Falls On The Grave
I Hate Your Love
Autumn Tears
Ridin’ The Dark
Amgel In Cage
Back From Hell
Feel My Pain
Bullet In My Soul
Christine Closed Her Eyes




Daniele Santori - Vocals
Cosimo Binetti - Guitars
Stefano Smeriglio - Keyboards
Steve Vawamas - Bass
Marco Bianchella - Drums

THE DOGMA: "A good day to die"  the dogma     


Produced by: Siggi Bemm
Studio: Woodhouse Studio - Hagen (GER)

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Black Roses

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

If you like an original mixture...

After one year The Dogma returns with a new release !!!”Black Roses” was an incredible album …a kind of mixture of melodic power and typical modern goth mood nearer to To Die For, Soulrelic ecc…

On the whole a little back step comparing to the first release, but  the band is able to keep a certain high quality that I wish can be the mark of this band also in the future!

The album gets good songs, and I admit that band in this album is able (in most songs) to find an incredible originality; There’s an awesome groove that mixes melodic hard rock 80’s style, and gothic metal (To die For style)…try to listen to “In the name of rock”!!!It gets an incredible refrain that will be the joy who needs a modern approach to that typical 80’s style that remind of the early Motley Crue!!!

“Bitches Street” gets the same mood , with an incredible gothic-power approach!!! I underline the incredible good work of rhythmic session and keyboard!!! There’s also space for a solo guitar that is 80’s hard rock style!!!

“She falls on the grave” is good but unoriginal song; a perfect  mixture between TO DIE FOR and KAMELOT but with an approach far from originality! 

There’s space also for the epic- goth power of “I hate your love” that is nothing special because it doesn’t find a great groove…A good refrain but not emphasized by the structure’s song.

“Autumn’s tears” is crying ballad that confirms the approach of the band to gothic style!!!

“Rinding the dark” gets a modern approach…a very Power metal song. It’s about the most power metal of the album! It’s another mediocre song in which I notice a good work made by the band concerning the arrangement and the structure, but the groove seems not at the top!

“Angel in cage” is a good original song that mixes a modern riff guitar and a modern approach to the composition with a gothic atmosphere created by the piano of Stefano Smeriglio and by the decaying chorus!

“Back from hell” is pure epic-power metal Rhapsody style!!! The band shows us that is able to create a very powerful and technical song that gets an great epic approach concerning chorus and the whole rhythmic session’s work!

“Feel my pain” is an involving gothic-power song in which Daniele (singer) shows us great ability to give emphasis to a good song that is embellished by great epic-gothic chorus!!! Nothing to say about the great work made by the band concerning the arrangement and the whole construction of the song.

“Bullet in my soul” seems another fair song that gets the same characteristics of the previous one and  nothing adds to this good release  that is closed by the another touching ballad called “Christine closed her eyes” that is characterized by a great and incredible orchestral arrangement that seems to bring us into the magic of the previous century!!!

For me the best song of this album is the only one I haven’t still mentioned …and it’s the title-track… The song n°2 of this album! The song is an incredible example of modern deep gothic-power!!! A great decaying refrain that is just a melancholic anthem for this band able to create very good atmospheres!

In conclusion:

I admit that the band has realized a good cd, not all songs are great but it is due to the homogeneous approach to the composition that it’s not always perfect, concerning groove and original in this contest.

 Just a couple of songs could have used for b-side . Great arrangement and very good technique  showed by all members…Sometimes I don’t like Daniele’s sing that in some parts could prefer more deepness (in my opinion)…Even if I admit that he gets a great voice able to emphasize  high tones.

If you like an original mixture between epic-power metal with an evident modern gothic metal approach, this album is just for you!

rating: 8/10  


Salvo Russo  12.06.2007  
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