Intro Ė Sorrow

Wicked Circle

Guilt Ridden State

Like Never Before

Under A Velvet Sky

Scar Diary

New Heaven

The Quiet Room

Liquid Lies

I Just Want You

Sorrow Remains




Jape Peratalo Ė Vocals

Joones Koto Ė Guitar

Antza Talala Ė Guitar

Josey Strandman Ė Bass

Santtu Lonka Ė Drums

TO/DIE/FOR: "Wounds Wide Open" to/die/for      Spinefarm Records




review  by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___                        

If I could get away with it, Iíd open up all my windows. 

Iím actually quite happy that TDF welcomed Koto back into their line-up. To me, he was the heart and soul to TDFís guitar work. When he left, it just wasnít the same. Now that he is back, the solos have returned!! And in this line-up, as far as I know, there arenít any members from New Dawn Foundation. But I must say, this CD sounds completely different from all of their other past albums. The guitars sound heavier, the drums are faster and even the song structures are different. About the only thing that stayed the same on this CD is that the lyrics are sung in the same fashion as they have been on their past albums. As I mentioned before, the guitar solos are back after a one-album absence.


     I didnít expect TDF to open or even create a song that resembled Wicked Circle. Itís almost too fast! Itís as if the band just got together and said, ďGuys, last add some more rock element to our sound.Ē And thatís exactly what they did. Itís like TDF took their music to the gym and pumped it up a notch. There are some extra dramatic keyboards thrown in the mix as well which added a better dimension to their sound as well. TDF isnít a stranger to keyboards, but the ones that are on this track are indescribable. It almost seemed as if it were a movie soundtrack, they were that good. It makes everyone elseís keyboard parts cheesy by comparison. If youíve heard TDF before you will be stunned when you hear this song.


     The next track shocks me just as much as the last one. Guilt Ridden takes this genre of Gothic to a new level. Itís as if gothic is being blended with the best of 80ís keyboard work with, ďprogĒ guitars with thrash and there it is. Itís almost a new genre. Itís gothic, but itís not. The lyrics are not upbeat by any means, but the music isnít slow. It isnít fast, but itís dramatic. If I could describe this song with one word it would beÖbrilliant. The singing and guitar work blend perfectly with melody. The drums are perfect, the keysÖI canít say anything more.


     Now, Like Never Before sounds very much like TDFís earlier work dating back when they were called Mary-Ann. It sounds more like modern rock is blended with gothic. It sounds a bit more upbeat and itís catchy. The lyrics are pretty catchy too. I was starting to sing the song after hearing it twice. Itís their first single off this album, and I like it but itís not my favorite. Jape is singing about love and that is blatantly obvious, this is the only song on the album that resembles anything like their previous work.


     Scar Diary begins with this cool sounding guitar intro. But once the vocals kick in, it becomes a different song altogether. The interesting part of this song is that the guitars sound too heavy to be gothic, the singing is too depressing to be metal, the keyboards that arenít dramatic enough to call it prog, so what is this song? How would I describe it? Only that itís a downbeat, heavy mid-paced song that has an original composition.


     By far, my favorite song on the CD is Liquid Lies. By far, itís the heaviest song on the whole CD. The song starts out with a fast drumbeat followed by fast keyboard work. The song slows down as itís building up to the chorus then before I knew it the drummer is hitting his crash cymbal and this female singer comes in and sings my favorite line, ďRipping wounds wide open, give it all you got!Ē and the rest of the chorus is just slamming! I could get lost in this song; itís filled with so much emotion. If I could get away with it, Iíd open up all my windows and blast this song! I think, I just found my new favorite TDF song. After the second chorus, that female singer, known as Katja Vauhkonen, sings this beautiful interlude that lasts for about a minute, but then another chorus comes in and kicks my ass. I fucking love this song, the weird partÖit doesnít sound like TDFÖit doesnít sound like any band I know!

     I Just Want You. For once, TDF does a cover of a song I have in my collection. I figured if anyone could cover this song, it would be TDF. I say they do a fair job of doing it but I felt that Jape could have done a better job singing it. Itís similar to the way Ozzy sings, but after hearing Jape, I realize how good Ozzy is and how hard it can be for any other signer to sing those lyrics. I also got to thinking, could Ozzy have started this gothic genre? Iím not talking about the song ďBlack SabbathĒ which is the first metal song, which is still to this day the darkest fucking song ever, which is gothic by nature. What I am talking about is the gothic music that is coming out of Finland where it isnít so dark as it is depressing and more about love or lost love than anything else. It made me think, even with the song, ďGood-Bye To Romance.Ē Who knows? The song was reproduced all right. I prefer the original to the cover any day but itís still worth listening to.



     The mix was fine about the only thing weird about it was that the snare sound changed during some of the songs and the cymbal sound wasnít as constant as I would have liked but thatís going overboard.



     It was an awesome album! But it didnít sound like TDF. Itís as if they grew up. The music sounds a bit more serious than their other albums. I got the sense that they werenít fucking around at all with this CD. Everything was different except in the way the lyrics were sung. The band is much more dynamic than it ever had been in itís history. They were so dynamic it was precision-like. I believe this is a new standard and I believe itíll be hard for any band to match what TDF is like on this album. For god sakes, buy this CD if anything, to learn about what a tight band isÖthis is the new TDF and thank godÖthe guitar solos are back.

rating: 9/10  


Matthew Haumschild  23.10.2006  
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