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      "The Focusi


The Focusing Blur

Prologue Dialogue - The Reason
The Essence
The Thesis's Seasons
Matrix Odyssey
Star puzzled
A Sphere in a Sphere? (to Infinity)
A microscopical Macrocosm
Blindsight Complexity
Dark Matter Mystery (Blackbody Spectrum)
Artifacts of Chaos 
Epilogue Metalogue - sharpen your
Mind Tools

ng Blur"            


This album tells a story that begins with the first song and ends with the last. Vintersorg differ from what you usually associate this kind of music to. Mostly because all the lyrics are about the complex connection between science and fate, nature versus magic, the earthly versus the unearthly, the galactic versus the ungalactic and the essence of man. Scientists such as Einstein, Newton and Galileo are often mentioned and referred to.

But also because what they present is a very progressive and innovative black metal.  

The first thing that strucks me with The Focusing Blur is all the different moods that comes over me; from anxiety to calm, from aggression to happiness, from calm chaos and so on. And all of this often happens in one single song. The melodies perfectly reflect the different elements presented in the lyrics.

Take for example The Essence with a harmonic acoustic guitar intro, which suddenly bursts into a death metal chaos that gently flows over to melodic metal and continues on with a soft keyboard tune. This diversity is more or less typical of all tracks. You can’t possibly get bored while listening to such an album !

One of the most “brutal” songs and also one of my favourites is Matrix Odyssey which starts and ends with a monologue about the evolution. It has many Death parts with a lot of angry energy, technically difficult drum patterns and heavy riffing guitars but also parts with melodic and progressive metal. All ingredients in perfect harmony. This is where you clearly see the wide spectrum of Vintersorg’s music.      

I also have a special liking for Blindsight Complexity with its choirs of clean “innocent” vocals combined with “grim” death ones. It’s good versus evil, both in nature and in the mind of man.

Vintersorg always have had a passion for folk music. This becomes clear while listening to The Focusing Blur. Though I can’t pinpoint the tunes or melodies. It’s more like an influence and mood that penetrates all the tracks.

You could say that this album is somewhat more diverse and melodic than their previous ones.

Asgeir Mickelson (Borknagar, Spiral Architect) and Steve di Giorgio (Death, Testament..) have made guest appearances and contributions on drums and bass. As many as four studios have been used for the complex recording of this album. 

The only weakness of the album as I see it is the two instrumental tracks : Prologue Dialogue-The Reason and Artifacts of Chaos. They are very dark and gloomy but would be better as sound effects to a pc game.

Besides from that, I can highly recommend The Focusing Blur to anyone who’s into Progressive and Melodic Black metal !  


Rating: 8/10

Review by Lisa Hieta_Larsson  

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