1. Light Your Stars
  2. No More Doubts
  3. United And Lost
  4. Failing Breath
  5. No Tears
  6. In Your Room
  7. Schreit dein Herz
  8. Be My Rain
  9. For A Moment
  10. Stop Pretending
  11. Wonderland
  12. Trauma World
  13. Wenn du gehst


IN TOUR WITH HIM (Germany) - March-April 2004

Sven Friedrich - vocals programming

Norman Selbig - guitars

Manuel Senger  - guitars - b-voc

Michael Nepp - bass

Marcellus  Puhlemann- drums


Blind Camera
ZERAPHINE: "Traumaworld"   zeraphine         /e-Wave- BMG

produced by Thommy Hein - recorded engineered, mixed and mastered by Thommy Hein at Thommy Hein Tonstudios  Berlin

"The name derives from the Hebrew word 'seraph', which stands for a celestial being with six wings, two hands and a human voice"

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____  

I have the pleasure to present you this band that will be the Him-support in the next Valo’s band tour !!! This cd is a fair Dark-Rock work, that is not supported by an excellent production…It’s a shame because I notice some good ideas that even if  they ‘re not very original, on the whole are supported by good creativity!

The band reminds me of other German Dark-Wave bands…Sometimes I notice Wolfsheim influences, but also De/Vision and, why not?....OOMPH!  !!They remind me of Oomph!, in particular listening to “Schreit dein Herz” that is sung in the mother tongue.

The sadness and the melancholy are the elements of these songs, but in my opinion not all songs are up to the task, and moreover I underline that the production such as the arrangements are not at the top.

There are valid ideas concerning the loops and the keyboard effects, but both the production and sometimes the melodic ideas don’t give a very good value to this cd!...Guitars gets a mediocre sound and the mixing work doesn’t bring to the light the good work of the rhythmic session.

The good atmosphere is the mark of “Schreit dein Herz”  one of the best song, such as “Wonderland”, both supported by a very good melody!

The sound is not made with electronic drums, and the electronic parts are only made by keyboard!

The low voice of  Sven Friedrich is very similar to the other dark rock singers, but not for this reason it is a bad voice, on the contrary:  he ‘s able to sing in a good way; low tones and a very sad interpretation! But sometimes it’s impossible not to think that the band tries to imitate famous bands that in Germany have created a trend!

There’s a Depeche Mode cover!!! “In your room”. It’s rearranged in a good way, in coherence with their style! “Stop Pretending” is not very far from Him melodies, but the song is absolutely mediocre!A good dark song is “Light your Stars” that is not very far from something listened from the latest Darkseed and Crematory albums...of course only concerning the melody, not the sound!

One of the best song in my opinion is “ United and Lost” that gets a good pop-wave melody that reminds me of 80’s!!!

Another good sad song is the last track “Wenn du gehst” that is full of melancholy and darkness!!!!

On the whole I think that there are good ideas…but I hope to listen a better next album.

Rating: 6.5/10  

Salvo  Russo    
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