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ZERAPHINE: "Blind Camera"      

 zeraphine           /e-Wave- BMG

Thommy Hein Tonstudio & Musikproduktion - Berlin (GER) - release date 17.01.2005


I Never Want To Be Like You

Die Macht in Dir

Blind Camera I

I Feel Your Trace

Die Welt kann warten

Kaltes Herz

Hollow Skies

I´m Numb

Jede Wahrheit

Blind Camera II

Falscher Glanz

River Of You

When Walls Arise

Blind Camera III

Until I Finally Drown




Sven Friedrich - vocals programming

Norman Selbig - guitars

Manuel Senger  - guitars - b-voc

Michael Nepp - bass

Marcellus  Puhlemann- drums




A fair album that gets lows and  highlights.

Nowadays we should say that this band is becoming one of the most important ones in the Electro Dark-Goth Germany scene! After the tournče with Him half and two years ago, and many others experiences and the latest good releases, Zeraphine are trying to get its own personality.....and even if this album isn't very better than the previous one , it confirms me the good quality of this band that is able to realize agreeable songs by an Electro-rock that seems to mix Dark, gothic and also Rock and a touch of 80's.....


"Blind Camera" is a good CD that gets good songs but I still notice many elements to be improved;  good melodic ideas, and also good musical approach concerning arrangements but sometimes they are not able to realize the right musical emphasis in according with the atmospheres created; one of the reasons is the  monotonous vocals of the singer but not only; sometimes they're not able to find originality and many passages seems to be cloned from their own previous songs, and for this reason, not inspired.

Without a shadow of doubt we can't but notice that there are the classic influences from Electro-dark, Depeche Mode, Dreadful Shadows, De Vision etc...and I’m sure that the fans of these bands could find more than one reason to listen to this album. 

"I never want to be like you" is a very exciting Electro-dark Rock with which the band opens the cd... A perfect choose and a very hit-single that I'm sure could be perfect for all dance-floor! A refrain that reminds me of 80's dark but with a touch of electro-pop. The band uses both  English and German languages for the lyrics.

The second song is a bit boring due to the mediocre and not convincing refrain.....I notice also a mediocre approach to the arrangements for this track.....

The 40 seconds of "Blind Camera I" bring us to the beautiful atmosphere of "I feel your trance" that seems a mixture between To Die For and Depeche Mode.....A very good song in which the band shows how it's easy to create  simple arrangements...that lead anyway to  a very good song!

I appreciate the good "Kaltes Hertz" that shows a great Dark atmosphere in which the band is able to show a great refrain. I underline its great arrangement...even if the production is not at the top!

"Hollow Skies" is another Dark-Goth track that shows trances of Secret Discovery mixed to To Die For and Depeche Mode...there's also a shadow of Placebo that I notice more in some electronic loops.

"I'm numb" gets a good atmosphere and a decaying melody but unveils to me the main problem of the band: the singer sometimes is not able to give the right emphasis to the song because of its monotonous voice, and this is a shame because there are very good ideas in their compositions....

Of course there are also mediocre and forgettable songs that sometimes show me lack of ideas; try to listen the track n°13 "When Walls arise" that seems to created in few minutes taking inspirations to their own previous tracks....

On the whole a fair album that gets highs and lows, but it could be appreciated from all those who listen to electro-dark gothic.


rating: 7/10  


written by  Salvo Russo

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