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DEVILTEARS    "What Dreams May Come"

Link on GryphonMetal: Interview with Deviltears_2017

Genre: Gothic/Love Metal
Seat: Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Label: Astia-Studio/Overwindstudio






1. What Dreams May Come
2. Labyrinth
3. Winter
4. My Angel Says Nothing II
5. It's You
6. Legends Of The Fall
7. When Diamonds Fall Asleep
8. My World
9. Runaway
10. Stay With Me
11. Coming Home









 Review by Salvo Russo


 Gothic oriented as the best Finnish bands did in the previous decade.


Deviltears come back with an album full of melody and power as they did in their previous releases, but adding some more experience.
The album is heap of melodies and distorted guitars, not winking the new modern metal approach, and really faithful to the classic hard rock style but absolutely gothic oriented as the best Finnish bands did in the previous decade.













The title track is pure energy portion! It's a great track, in which melody makes the most! The good job is even confirmed to next tracks as "Labyrinth”, "Winter" that could remind of Sentenced even also for vocal's approach "My Angel Says Nothing II" is a sort of mid-tempo ballad, a very successful one! I personally don't like "It's you" because it is  too much predictable
and not catchy enough.
"Legends Of The Fall" is another good song made with the classic powerful approach with a great gothic melody! But for me the best song is the single "When Diamonds Fall Asleep";
The song has been releases with a great and amazing videoclip; It's a sort of "Finnish" goth rock ballad in which the band is able to find the perfect key to the song . Really deep ballad that will surely be loved but all goth fans. (Watch the video below).


"My World" is another great song that really reminds of the delicacy of early Him, together with the SENTENCED gothic approach! Absolutely awesome!

"Runaway" is powerful and catchy and absolutely successful even it always keeps a gothic attitude as usual; it's time for a ballad and "Stay With Me" is a great track, and it could a perfect song for a melancholic movie, an intense piano & synth accompanies the perfect vocal melody in a sort of heavenly song, that will be loved by those who likes ballads.
The closing is for a sort of AOR/soft hard song "Coming Home" that really reminds of the 80's! It’s definitely a good job, a confirmation!

Rating : 8,5/10

Salvo Russo


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