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Z7 Summer Nights Open Air

August 20, 2017 -Z7 - PRATTELN - Switzerland


Live Reportage (review and photos) by dalia digiacomo. All Rights reserved.

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Review by dalia di giacomo

It has been a fantastic , memorable night! Great organization, perfect atmosphere . This concert was one of the  Summer Nights Open Air  chain of shows that lit up the Swiss summer  under the motto Sun, Sound and Stars. Well, on that Sunday when Korn played on the Open Air stage the fans got everything: sun, sound and stars, being Korn themselves the absolute stars of the evening. and I tell you: this concert was a blast! Supported by the local Swiss band Treekillaz, Korn have set on fire the Rock and Metal stronghold Z7 with its crowded pit.

The running order has been confirmed and respected . The evening has begun with the music offered by DJ Metal Heart directly from the stage. DJ Metal Heart is  a beautiful young woman, professionally  involved in the world of music and promotion and a true metalhead. Keith Nickel, bassist for Orchid  told  about her: "DJ Metal Heart has an unique way of matching the music to the mood. She’s a true rock and roller through and through. Her feeling for the music is one of her many super powers!" The music ( a wide repertoire of Rock and Metal) pumped up the atmosphere till Treekillaaz hit the stage.  Of all the many beautiful, strong tracks proposed by DJ Metal Heart comes on my mind now the song Down With The Sickness from Disturbed.


Treekillaz opened the concert in front of an already enthusiast audience that was waiting for Korn like a desert waits for the rain. But this crowd of fans was nice after all, and supported warmly the performance of Treekillaz whose frontman Martin knew how to entertain the people . Treekillaz, who  in their career have shared stage  with Clawfinger,  even conquered the enthusiasm of the Italian fans, because Martin  found the time to share some words in Italian. Treekillaz'   music is all about Rock `n Roll  spiced up with Grunge, Punk and Stoner. After all this band was a good solution in order to open for Korn  because they have done their job without diverting too much the audience from  being so hungry for Korn. Treekillaz have released their 8th album recently, entitled  "8.11."  (the meaning of this title is very simple and effective : eighth album with 11 songs) and put on the stage a cool, honest concert, where vocalist Martin and his weird style and drummer Heinz were the highlights of the performance of the band .  The songs Do It Again, U-R, and On The Run got a great impact. And On The Run closed their show.


Korn hit the stage around 21:20 and the crowd went crazy. There were many fans who came from different parts of Switzerland and even from Germany, France, Ireland and Italy for this moment. And they were lucky: although there were so many people to fill the pit of one of the most important concerts of the Z7 summer, there was still place for a  respectful intimacy, which is quite gone lost in the mega festivals.  The band played from 21:20 till 22:50 circa and started off the set with  "Rotting In Vain" after a great intro. It was already clear that the concert was destined to success. Lights and scenic effects that usually enrich a Korn show were hold decent, adding atmosphere. Old and newest songs were played loud with a great intensity, which is characteristic of Metal. People of all ages were singing along and enjoying the show with enthusiasm and interest, but the most of them were surely young, letting understand that this band has a glorious past AND a bright future. Those veterans, co-founders of the so called nu-metal, who just the day before closed and headlined  in front of circa 40000 persons the Summer Breeze 2017 (after already many shows/Open airs in Europe, beginning with M'era Luna) were able to give a restless concert. In particular I was enchanted by the awesome skillfulness and precision and ability of drummer Ray Luzier, definitively one of the best drummers around. Frontman Jonathan Davis has proved to be indestructible. Guitarists Brian "Head" Welch and James "Munky" Shaffer have put on the stage the right performance and the right unmistakable Korn sound , although I got the impression that the song Somebody Someone wasn't  played so well as they did in March of this year at The Samsung Halle in Zürich. On the contrary, I liked a lot how Rotting In Vain and Black Is The Souls were performed together with Coming Undone and the short cover of Queen's We Will Rock You. The concertgoers liked and appreciated the old school  songs as well the newest ones in the same way. Korn  is certainly one of he fewest bands that can be defined as evergreen and surely a "live"  band. Korn are strong not only musically but visually too, in their genre, with an incredible homogenity of look, yet each member is a personality "per se". I was impressed by Fieldy too, who showed, after Jonathan, the best mobility on the stage and an ability to be a great bassist and a joker  for the sound of the band.  But after all, as crazy fan of Head, I had (mostly) eyes for him only and ears for his guitar. I loved his performance. I found it intense.

I would have preferred to have more focus on live keyboardist Davey Oberlin, who ended to be hidden behind "Munky" and in the fog and in the rays of light. I am still happy to have had the possibility to meet Davey after the show (together with vocalist "Q" of the band Kings Bounty that will support  Korn in the USA September dates ) and I took the occasion to tell  him honestly this impression. Yes,  I personally would prefer to see the keyboard placed  in foreground too.

The encore could not be missed and the band , after Somebody Someone, got back to the stage for three songs that mesmerized and excited the audience even more.  I must say 4 U has been very emotional and a dear fellow friend of mine  and sister in Korn (you know who you are)  got tears falling down her face (and I presume she was not the only one) . In that moment I remembered of myself crying during  a Paradise Lost concert in  Germany, many years ago, while the band was playing One Second. It can happen, it is called Love.


dalia di giacomo



Setlist Korn

Rotting in Vain

Falling Away From Me

Here to Stay

Y'All Want a Single


Black Is the Soul

Did My Time

Shoots and Ladders


Got the Life

drum interval-----

Coming Undone (With Queen's We Will Rock You snippet)


Make Me Bad

Somebody Someone



4 U


Freak on a Leash





Photo Gallery DJ Metal Heart and early audience


Photo Gallery Treekillaz


Photo Gallery Korn and fans

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