Common State of Inner Violence
Morgue of Centuries - 
Red Clouds
Quicksand Symmetry
Swallow the Flames
A Mirror Behind
Come Forth my Dreadful One
Shattered Lives and Broken Dreams
Colors of a New Era

Speed Strid – Vocals

Ettore Rigotti – Drums, Keyboards, Guitars, backing vocals

Claudio Ravinale – Lyrics and backing vocals

Mirco Andreis – Bass


DISARMONIA MUNDI : "Fragments of D-Generation"   disarmonia mundi             

street date 17th May 

Interview with Claudio Ravinale
Mind Tricks


preview - review  by Elisabeth "elli" Kellner____ 

    Melodic Death Metal is on the program today. Disarmona Mundi, a quite young band from Italy are about to release their second album “Fragments of D-Generation”. And let me tell you: all of you who like Death Metal, especially the Melodic version should try to get their hands on this album. It’s just amazing and breathtaking. I don’t know their first album but it must have made some serious impression on Bjorn “Speed” Strid from Soilwork. The guys of Disarmornia Mundi got in contact with him and he said “yes” to their idea to do the vocals on their upcoming album.


     This album offers an almost perfect balance between Melodic and Thrash parts, between quiet and brutal songs, between slower songs and the ones driven by a rumbling double bass. Well, of course, the words quiet and slow should be seen not as absolutes, quiet and slow in the band’s respect of course. The songs “Red Clouds” and “quicksand symmetry” demonstrate that at best, they even get an almost hymnal character, the hooklines of the guitars are so easily remembered that you will know the songs by heart within a few listenings. But still, the heaviness is always present, in Speed’s voice, in the rhythms, everywhere.


     The guitar soli have exactly the right length, they are never too close to the point where you start to think “Okay, we know that you can play guitar by now, can you please go on with the song?!” Another strong point of this album are the grooves, mixed with very light keyboard lines so that you almost forget that you listening to Death Metal. “Ocean Grave” is such a good example for this…in the middle of the song you are taken away by this grooves and the keyboards before the guitars throw you back into reality – which isn’t bad either.


     What surprised me most about this album was that I was able to follow the lyrics after the second time of listening, without having a booklet where to read them. Death Metal is not necessarily only some loud, fast guitars and drums with a vocalist who only growles and grunts something into the microphone, no matter what. Growls and melodic parts go hand in hand so well on this album – as you will have realized by now, I am absolutely stunted by that album. Technically perfect you will hardly believe that the whole album was recorded at the bands home studio. I keep my fingers crossed for them to find some band members soon so that they can go on tour – judging by what I’m just listening to it will be a test for everyone’s neck muscles.


Rating: 10/10


Elisabeth Kellner    
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