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Mind Tricks
Fragments of D-Generation




Ciao Ettore, Bjorn and Claudio! Great CD, I am really digging the sound it is really killer. The website rocks too, all the effort pays off. The interaction on the background is clever.

1.      So, how has the reception been so far on the new disk? Is the feedback been what you were hoping for or has it exceeded your expectations.

CLAUDIO: pretty good I guess, I’m not sure about sales but the feedback has been good so far so I can’t complain about it… Well, to be honest I wouldn’t complain anyway coz I never have any kind of expectation towards our records, I’m simply glad that we can finish and deliver it to the fans, but when the record hits the stores I’m already thinkin’ about the next one so I couldn’t care less really…

2.      Who are your influences – old and new, whether they be band, books, movies individuals or nature, etc.

CLAUDIO: Iron Maiden, WASP, Slayer, Megadeth and so on … 80’s metal is the best, fuck the rest! Speakin’ about books and movies, bein’ a horror freak I’m interested in almost anything dealin’ about monsters, demons, blood, gore and so on, and this probably influences me in a way or another… all the dark aspects of the human nature are a big influence for us all as well.

3.      What is life on the road like, and is there any difference in your fan base through out the changes in the lineup.

CLAUDIO: bein’ this band still a studio-project is pretty hard to answer to this question… 

4.      How about the use of MySpace, is there more freedom in what is done as well as fan interaction than on websites. I have noticed that more bands are going with that format.

CLAUDIO: well MySpace is a pretty useful tool, u can have a lot of exposure even if u’re only a studio band and people can interact with u and listen to your songs before buyin’ the album… the only problem is that most of the time it runs damn slow and it’s filled with bugs that make u lose your patience after a few minutes of navigation…

5.      What led you to work with Samantha Abbatangelo for this new album, was there any deep meaning behind the picture or that it worked with the overall theme?

CLAUDIO: she worked on the artwork of the previous record and we thought that she could help us with the new one as well. We simply explained her the overall atmosphere of the record and the main themes of the new songs and she did the whole artwork tryin’ to focus on the dark twisted mood of the lyrics. We are very satisfied of the final result ‘coz it turned out to be really dark and it fits perfectly with the new direction of our music.

6.      Where do you envision the band in 5 years, or 10? Will you be more involved on line or continuing in a similar direction that you are in now.

CLAUDIO: I don’t really have a clue about that… hope we’re still alive and breathing first of all! Ahahah… honestly I don’t know, we could quit the band from a moment to another or go on for other 20 years… time will tell, we take it day by day, right now we’re workin’ on some new stuff, still far from bein’ complete anyway… things are goin’ smooth but slow, but there’s no need to rush at all.

7.      If you all were not metal gods what career would each of you concentrate on.

CLAUDIO: metal gods?!?! I don’t really think we’re even close to that status ahahah… I still concentrate on the same old stuff, hookin’ up naughty girls, drinkin’ my ass off with my friends, havin’ fun, makin’ enemies etc. etc… while Ettore loves to play and produce bands 24/7 as usual, so we’re still the same people as always and to be honest we don’t feel the need to change at all.

8.      What led Ettore to produce the Cd's , necessity or a creative outlet for the band. I mean to be involved from the earliest thoughts of a song to the final mix. Sometimes a Record Co. can really alter a bands image and sound.

CLAUDIO: record companies always try to alter something, doesn’t matter if its your music or your image, they always try to fuck things up for their own sake… and this is the shittiest part of the whole music biz! Anyway, yeah, after all we can consider this band as Ettore’s solo project so it’s pretty obvious that he is involved in almost anything dealing about the band.

9.      NASCAR or Formula I, Ha Ha I had to ask I live in West Virginia.

CLAUDIO: eheheh sorry but I couldn’t care less about this kinda stuff…

10. What did you think of the World Cup, did you get to watch any of it?

CLAUDIO: and I couldn’t care less about the World Cup as well…

11. As seen on your site you have returned to working with Alessandro Vanara, what is the differences with working with him than Goran Finnberg?

CLAUDIO: we worked with Alessandro since the first record, for Mind Tricks we tried to experiment a little and went to Fredman Studios for the mixing but even there was still Ettore  with Alessandro to work on the songs and after that process Alessandro mastered it here in Italy on his own, so we can say that things never really changed for us under this point of view…


12. What do you think is the biggest improvement that the band has accomplished over the years?

CLAUDIO: Music wise I can say that the new songs sound better than the old ones and also the lyrics are far better, so there has simply been a natural improvement regarding all the aspects of our music

13. Ok, I am out of questions, is there anything that I have overlooked that you would like to add?

CLAUDIO: I wanna fuck with Jessica Alba and cum over her slutty face ahahah

14. This one is tradition for first timers. This game is: the Tower. There are 3 band on a tower (Hypothetically) and you must kick down two. I guess the last one is for Pay Per View, no one ever says. The bands that you must choose from are: Opera IX, Byzantine and Finntroll.

CLAUDIO: I like Finntroll so I guess I’m gonna kick down the other two.


I would like to thank you for you time and the opportunity to do this interview! I hope that Disarmonia Mundi is on tour the next time I am in Italy or at the Rockhaus.


CLAUDIO: hope so… Take care, see ya



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