01. Der Letzte Tag
02. Anger
03. Lost Soul
04. Perfect Love
05. Heart in Chains
06. Die Zeit
07. Black Angel
08. Devil Inside You
09. Rebirth
10. Are You Missing Me
11. Ballade
  Marxer, René: Drums
Streit, Pete: Guitar
Dünser, Sabine: Vocals
Broger, Jürgen (Big J): Guitars
Saxer, Tom: Bass, Additional Vocals

ELIS: "Dark Clouds in a perfect Sky"              elis                                              

producer: Alexander Krull - mixed and mastered at Mastersound Studio

God's Silence, Devil's Temptation


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Third album for Elis: the  band comes back with an album that follows the previous God's Silence, Devil's Temptation,  improving  the approach  concerning the arrangements and  production .

Producer Alex Krull has  given an important mark to this album. The production gives value to this album and also all arrangements are well realized; It's impossible not to notice an evident inspiration to Nightwish, Theatre of Tragedy but also Xandria ...Even if this album is not original at first listening, it's impossible not to notice the ability of these musicians to mix gothic influences and progressive metal! In Dark Clouds in a perfect Clouds there are some good compositions but also songs in which they haven't found the perfect groove-melody. It's important to mention the good technique by all members and this is the force of this band.

The opener "Der letzte Tag " puts in evidence good melodic ideas supported by the good production, and it's in! Sabine shows a good voice, while the band is able to mix their influences : Nightwish and Theatre of Tragedy !!!   The next one, "Anger" gets a sad melancholy atmosphere that, in my opinion, on the whole doesn't find the right groove!

A touch of Death vocals in the next song "Lost soul"...Good ideas concerning the structure and good technique shown by the band...a good song that shows their ability to mix Gothic metal and Progressive!

Liv Kristine's sound is all in the next "Perfect Love" that seems to be taken from the latest Liv' cd! A very good song full of melancholy and good vocals! The keyboards are perfect and Sabine shows all her vocal virtues!

"Heart in chains" reminds me of Bloodflowerz....a song in which again  death vocals appear! The band still delivers a good technique, even if they could improve the melodic aspect. 

Much more interesting the next "Die Zeit" that shows pure gothic metal old style mixed to Progressive metal in a perfect way!!! Powerful guitar riffs nearer to trash metal in the strophe joins the sweetness in the refrain!

The track n°7 is one my favourite of all: "Black Angel" is the most easy-listening song concerning the structure, even if Elis are able to give value to their songs with progressive metal parts in which rhythmic session and solos parts are perfectly mixed!

"Devil inside you" is another fair  song that shows lack of originality but an agreeable melody!

The track n°9 is a mediocre song "Rebirth". No good melodic ideas in this track;  it  doesn't exist any  melodic idea for this song!

Indeed in this album there is a great harmony between rhythmic and melodic session and  the band is able to realize  good technique parts in which all musicians show very good capabilities ...but sometimes their songs don't find the passion they'd have , and also "Are you missing me" shows how they 'd improve the search for a  better melodic approach.

Fortunately the album is closed by the good "Ballade" in which I notice a great arrangement made by electronic loops and a piano that stands out !

On the whole , a good cd...good production, good musicians...but this band may still improve, and I'm sure they get all the requirements to be an important name in the melodic metal scene!

rating: 7.5/10


Salvo  Russo  31.10.2004
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