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Entwine - Slider

Break Me
Carry On Dancing
Still Waiting
Still Remains - live
The Pit - live

  Mika Tauriainen: vocals
Tom Mikkola: guitars
Jaani Kähkönen: guitars
Joni Miettinen: bass
Aksu Hanttu: drums
Riitta Heikkonen: keyboards
ENTWINE: "Sliver    EP"     entwine            Century Media   spinefarm

Produced by drummer Aksu & ENTWINE, mixed by Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Amorphis, Sentenced, etc.) and mastered by Mika Jussila (Nightwish, Children Of Bodom, etc.) at Finnvox Studios in Finland

photo © by Toni Härkönen

Fatal Design
Interview with Mika at Summer Breeze 2002
Entwine live at Summer Breeze 2002
Time of Despair (review in Italian)
Gone (review in Italian)


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____  Salvo Russo 


Example of elegance and class. 


Entwine comes back after the very good "diEversity" with a five-track mcd that is ready to be part of your collection. 3 new songs and 2 live songs are the pearls of this very good mcd made by a band that has found its personal sound and a very special feeling.

Gothic intentions are mixed with that typical romantic flavour in which Mika's voice and Ritta's keyboards makes the feeling. 
The first song calls Break me : it's a very beautiful track characterized by a wonderful refrain supported with strong and heavy-guitars...the same guitars already listened in the latest album DiEversity. 
What a beautiful refrain!!!!!! One of those ones that can't but stay in your head!!!



The second song is a Savage Garden cover! Carry on Dancing is pure romantic-goth rock!!!! The pop-song turns to gothic rock with the special Entwine touch!!!!!
The third song is Still waiting that is a sentimental song based on a mid-tempos full of romanticism and feeling.

The cd is closed with 2 already known live songs; the first is "Still remains" belonging' to DiEversity, and "The Pit" taken from "Time of Despair".

This is a super-band ....and Sliver is a like a jewel....a special jewel for all those who needs good music...not only for fans....this mcd is example of elegance and class....


Salvo  Russo

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