Fatal Design (03:57)
Chameleon Halo
Out of You
My Serenity
Break Me
Curtained Life




Mika Tauriainen: vocals
Tom Mikkola: guitars
Jaani Kähkönen: guitars
Joni Miettinen: bass
Aksu Hanttu: drums
Riitta Heikkonen: keyboards

ENTWINE: "Fatal Design"     entwine                

      under exclusive license from Spikefarm Records

Coverartwork: Tomi Tauriainen 

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Entwine live at Summer Breeze 2002
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review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Romanticism is always the characteristic of the band, but the sound is absolutely powerful and nearer to alternative metal!  

It’s  time for this goth-power rock band Finland! Entwine don’t need presentation …and this album comes out after the single of  2005 called “Break me”. The band sounds very different from the past: DieVersity was the album that made Entwine a band different from those typical goth-romantic ones, like Negative, Him etc….If we remember the first two albums, they were very romantic goth …but in 2006 I can admit that Entwine is a "new" band that keeps only the essence of the past!

There are only a shadows of romantic-goth,; romanticism is always the characteristic of the band, but the sound is absolutely powerful and nearer to alternative metal!

 The title track is a power rock song characterized by the usual melancholic approach in which Mikka shows his sadness….A great song to begin!

Shadows of alternative power metal in “Chameleon Halo” in which Mika & C. finds a great refrain into a very powerful riff!

“Out of you” is pure goth-power rock! A song that I’m sure will be the joy of all fans in live shows! The melody is the essence of the song in which the band is able to find a great arrangement …

“Surrender” is characterized by an unforgettable refrain that is ready to enter in your head…The song gets an easy compositive approach but it doesn’t matter…the groove is great!

“Oblivion” is alternative rock with a touch of grunge and modern rock! Good interpretation but nothing original….The song is boring !!!

 “Twisted” gets more than a shadow of PUNK ROCK!!!!A mediocre song in which the band is not able to find a great groove…Avoidable for a band like them!

“Insomniac” is another song written similar to “Oblivion”! Pure modern claustrophobic power rock! This song is another unoriginal composition very far from the good quality of their great songs!

“My serenity” improves just a little bit but when the band tries to abandon that typical depth that is the essence of the band…Some songs seem very far from the good quality and absolutely without soul! The band is trying to find a mix between the modern metal nearer to bands like StoneSour or Alter Bridge and the typical romantic approach of their old albums, and sometimes they are able to create something great like ”Break Me” that is the single and in my opinion is the best song of this album! A very powerful rock full of decaying romanticism that perfectly represents what the band is now!

“Curtained Life” closes well this album; Another decaying song characterized by a great atmosphere that seems the mark of this band now!

In conclusion I admit that there are many aspects to improve ; The search for a modern sound sacrifices their deep essence that the band is keeping …and there are songs that will not leave a mark, but this album (like the previous one) signs the confirmation of a band full of personality able to try new ways to arrange their emotions!

rating: 7/10


Salvo Russo  06.09.2006


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