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1. Slave Labor              
2. Cyber Waste           
3. Act of God                 
4. Drones                     
5. Archetype
6. Corporate Cloning
7. Bite The Hand That Bleeds You
8. Undercurrent
9. Default Judgment
10. Bonescraper
11. Human Shield
12. Ascension
13. School

Burton C Bell  -Vocals
Christian Wolbers - Guitar
Raymond Herrera - Drums
Byron Stroud  -Bass


The Industrialist


FEAR FACTORY: "Archetype"     fear factory     Liquid 8 Records

review by Matthew Haumschild___

It has been too long since Fear Factory put out new material in an album format. Although previous to this new effort, Fear Factory had put out “Hate Files” a “Greatest Hits” formatted album with four tracks previously unreleased. “Concrete” was the first CD they had ever recorded about a year before they put out “Soul Of A New Machine” however most of the songs that appeared on “Concrete” ended up on “SOANM”.

“Archetype” also represents the debut of Christian Wolbers on guitar, formally their bass player turned guitar player replaced founding member Dino Cazares. Fear Factory then tapped Byron Stroud (Strapping Young Lad) as their new bass player.  

Now, to my synopsis:

Slave Labor
This song goes with the great tradition of opening tracks of all Fear Factory CD’s. No bullshit just straight up aggression within 30 seconds. No unusually long intros that seem to go no where. When you listen to this track you will hear all the Fear Factory elements we’ve all grown to love. The sci-fi sounding keyboards in the background, the precision kick drum work of Raymond  and how they blend perfectly with the guitar. This track is pound for pound aggression.  It’s at medium fast pace and it sounds like a Fear Factory song.

I love the opening lyric to this song “NOTHING....YOU SAY....MATTER’S...TO US!” then proceeds with “FUCK YOU!!!”. This song represents anger towards another human being in such a blunt fashion, i don’t think any band has been able to grasp this concept in such a simple form. Anyone can relate to this opening line to this song weather it be with your day job (in my case), family situation, school, relationships, driving, or just about anything. This song speaks to virtually everyone from any age. And this just scratches the surface! This is the most aggressive song on this album with absolute brilliant drumming, heavy guitars and an ever changing vocal style. It’s no wonder they filmed  a video for this song. The verses in this song are sung in a single word style with lots of aggression. You can’t help but to get into this song.

Act Of God
When listening to this song I can’t help but to think on how well this song could have easily been on Demanufacture or Obsolete. This is another typical sounding song by Fear Factory. With full of different vocal mixtures of growling and actual singing. A vocal style in which Burton Bell virtually invented. What differentiates this track from other Fear Factory tracks is the explicit lyrics on religion. This isn’t the first time they have touched on this topic for they covered this topic with “Pisschrist” (demanufacture) and various tracks on Obsolete.
Other than another great Fear Factory track, there this song is hard to describe in which would distinguish it completely from other Fear Factory songs.

The catchiest song on this CD. Within listening to the song twice, I was already singing the chorus. This song is a mixture of the new Fear Factory sound and the old. It has melody it has aggression. Burton really gets into the melodic portion of his singing style that is very reminiscent of “Resurrection” which of course is on “Obsolete”.  Almost sounding like a modern rock song, it stands as one of my favorite tracks on this disc.

This is a shining example on how the new Fear Factory “sound” sounds like. Almost modern rock in nature. With out the limiting effect on the guitars as there typically is with this band. This song has almost all the elements of Nu-metal without the rap. It’s Intense in some parts but not nearly as intense as there is in the other songs listed above. this is one of the songs you can sing along to as your sitting in your chair reading the paper.

My final conclusion is simply that this album is more than meets the eye. I had reservations about this album due to all the politics within the band prior to having it recorded. Personally I took Dino’s side of the story regarding him being fired so to speak from the band. I bought the CD anyway to see how it sounded. And it is to my surprise that it sounds great. Disappointed that the one band member I met is no longer in the band, but life must go on. The band must play on! 

The first six tracks are %100 Fear Factory. When you listen to those tracks you can immediately say “Fear Factory”. Tracks seven through thirteen are of what I call the new Fear Factory “sound” or as some might say it is the evolution of the band. The remaining tracks on the CD are not as fast as Fear Factory have gone in the past and they have more of a slow sounding tone to them that is still relatively dark and most of the tracks Burton is holding alot of notes when he sings in attempt to tap more of the melodic parts to his vocal range. If anything, get this CD for the first six tracks, they are smoking!

rating:  8.5/10 

written 18.05.2004 by  Matthew Haumschild   

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