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Regalerò il mio Tempo 








Hy!!! First of all…who are Dperd? For our readers, can you explain the story of your band?

dperd are Carlo Disimone and Valeria Buono. Both of them were members of Fear of the Storm, a band that in the nineties released a self-produced demotape, two tape albums, and the mini-cd called "1995", on Energeia, a Neapolitan label. By the end of 2007 the release is scheduled of all the band's back catalogue, including a previously unreleased long-playing cd that was recorded in 1996, just before the band ceased their activities.

After taking part in sundry musical projects, at the beginning of the new millennium Valeria and Carlo formed a new project of their own. As "Dperd" they have released a self-produced cd-r entitled "2003" and have released the full-length cd "3non". This latter work has received critical acclaim and praise in national and international magazines and web-zines.

Currently, dperd are working on their new album, "Regalerò il mio Tempo" ("I'll give my Time"), that is being released on "My Kingdom Music", a label from Campania.


This third work is, without shadow of doubts, the best till now…which are the main differences among your works?

 the differences between cd's are probably due to different approaches to their recording.

"2003" was recorded in a studio, and the tracks were complete when we recorded them.

"3non" was recorded and mixed in my home studio, and the tracks developed as they were being recorded.

"Regalerò il mio Tempo" was recorded at home and mixed in the same studio as "2003"



New dawn production is your second label, what do you think about Francesco and Mkm?

my kingdom music is a good label and due to get bigger. Francesco is a wonderful bloke, a man of few words, and he gives bands absolute freedom in their artistic choices

Your songs, as I wrote in my reviews, are the result of many influences, but Dperd gets originality…can you describe who’s the main inspiration?

we think we can't talk about a main source of inspiration, for too many things have influenced us in our long musical life. from the italian music of the seventies, to the english scene of the eighties, and all-time international pop


Concerning sound, there is a particular attention to create an arrangement  which is very easy, but very dark and intense, how was the arrangement born?

arrangements begin with an early idea, on which the instrumental frame is built that gives life to the track. sometimes that early idea is put away, and the track takes its own kind of autonomous life


Can you describe by three adjectives Dperd music?

melancholic, relaxing, dreamy


7)After all these years what does motivate you to make music?

to a professional musician, too keep on playing is a way to earn his living. one can never know if he really feels what he proposes. but we, poor amateurs, really want to play and convey emotions. music allows us to look within ourselves and stop to listen to the way we are. it allows us to switch off our rational side and surrender to imagination, or "ease" some suffering, it helps us to show some examples of frailty that are denied by "normal" logic on a daily basis. it can even reflect a defeat to take into account sometimes


”Ali” is a very particular song…who’s the inspiration…who is Ali?

the track Ali(de) is based on the tragic story of a friend of ours who died and was found mummified in her flat, two years after her death


Actually, are you a working to a new material?

we're currently working on new tracks. i think we'll give more chance to circumstances than before, as far as the mixing is concerned 


The game of the tower is our old game.. You’re on a high tower and with you there are 3 bands…you have to push down two of them saving the third one….

With you there are:


Joy Division, Bauhaus, Cocteau Twins

a very difficult choice. i guess we'd keep joy division. if anything, they're the only ones we could never see live




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