Eyes of Hurricane

Alex - vocals

Serz - drums

Domenaz - guitars

Jaco Ė guitars

Cello - bass 


KEN“S extracted from "Intersection"    kenos  

recorded at IndyRecords studios 


review  by dalia di giacomo____   

If am right,  KenÚs is a Greek word, meaning more or less "empty", " in vain".  And Kenos is the name of a very interesting Italian band that plays Technical Death/Black metal. Its roots go back to 1996, but it's only in  2001 that they settled their line-up and started a serious project, that begins to be rewarded after having recently inked a deal with Urlo Music/EMI and after the recent Italian dates in support of Raise Hell and Belphegor. Just these infos only can give an idea and a guarantee of how talented this band is. And indeed i come to this conclusion as well . But...i'm a big fan of Death/Black Metal, it is "my" music.  But i'm not that warm fan of Technical Death in itself , cause i think that technicality is as important as sterile if it's focused on itself only. Fortunately Kenos add that drop of "heart"  that allows their music to be animated by feelings and intensity. But Kenos present also a too wide "contamination" (like they use to say) with Prog elements. Among  these 3 tracks, extracted from the upcoming full length "Intersection" (being Eyes of Hurricane the bonus track), Dracona is the most contaminated. Dracona is affected by a kind of contamination that risks to take the listener's  attention off the main protagonists that are Death and Black, making  the whole composition difficult to be digested. But we will see that in this "extracted" there are also beautiful and very valid moments, underlined by a very good and professional production.

Dracona starts off  with a solemn , almost symphonic Black atmosphere and with amazing low  imposing  vocals. It  develops then  a seductive resolute screaming and evil melodic Death/Black,  able to launch itself in a merciless galloping, in classical Death proceeding, supported by tempo changes, growling echoes and tons of ability for every instruments. Unfortunately indeed there is a wide intermezzo -window, dedicated to experimentation, that ranges from Rock to Progressive , and though i am very opened to hybrids and experimentations, i cannot believe how this prog-rocky-power-ish contribution inevitably  kills the song: not only it becomes unbearable long, but, far from acquiring laurels of glory, it gets the contour of a boiling confuse cauldron . I cannot understand this new mania  that is surfacing here and there in Europe to add a extra prog-y parts used by many newcomers, and in particular in Italy. It seems a) that it is the only way to let understand how well  the  bands play and it's not true,   b) in Italy it seems the almost only way to make extreme genres like Death and Black be accepted , but ehi ...a musical direction must be respected after all, and if hybridizations are really in and welcomed, this doesn't mean that it is allowed to  ruin a whole atmosphere making two songs of one, with dispersion of energy and of logical path. No!, concerning this song,  i don't shout at the masterpiece: 9.40 minutes, the half of which are  fully useless rhetoric . After the long Prog-like /Rock /Jazzy window there is finally a strike back of Death and a long outro in wonderful melodic Heavy/Death with modern appeal. . But for jaysus sake, please remain in the Death/Black field. A touch of superb heavy melodic riffs can vary enough a Death song specially when it's dedicated to Darkness, without adding a whole wagon of confused something "else". Pity, cause the first part of Dracona is awesome.

Intersection's structure, on the contrary, is much better: it is another long song (7:08) which offers again a  formidable beginning in Death/Black style with tempo changes , passing from  certain DT influences to much more extreme ones, including drops of Spheric Black, roller-coaster effects, dissonant touches,  cavernous vocals and heavy steam hammering mid tempo's . There is some call for Prog that fortunately remains highly limited in short accompanying passages. I mean... Intersection is very articulated  and it doesn't result immediate  at a first listening, but, at least, it gets a more defined  identity. 

Eyes of Hurricane is fantastic and only instrumental . It is basically a great acoustic track with guitars that gush cascades of harmonious melodic balladesque notes in Spanish/American styles: superbly executed with that touch of final evil mysterious effects . Too short, this time!  but perfect.  2.:31 minutes of pure lust.

And now? Which are the conclusions? Kenos are a really good promise for the Italian Death/Black, they play really well with self- confidence , they are able to face both virtuoso and merciless passages, both melodic and more violent ones. Vocals are simply great, folks!  All in all Kenos  present excellent starting points. But, in the name of all gods...please cut off the Prog-like  digressions!! In your music these parts are fully useless and boring, and please make less articulation and more assault. There is enough space for melodies, variation and technical care, even without this surplus of ingredients. Hybridization: yes, too much: no.  Imo, it is a waste of time to follow the "criteria" of some pedantic new-born fashion, only good in  producing acclaimed albums that nevertheless remain there, covered by dust.  

In the improbable hope to "see" a full length with a necessary (imo) mutilation of Dracona  but without touching Eyes of Hurricane that is perfect as it is,   i wish  to  KenÚs all the best  'cause, however, they  fully deserve it!

: no rating - 3 songs only


dalia di giacomo    
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