The Age of Terror

Chemical Insomnia

Blood of Saints

Clouded by Chimeras

Usteria's Ruin

Eyes of Hurricane


Rigor Mortis



Alessio Giudice - vocals

Domenico Conte - rhythm and lead guitar

Jaco Pisciotta Ė lead guitar

Marcello Fachin - bass

Sergio Gasparini - drums

KEN“S: "Intersection"          kenÚs         division of Adrenaline/Steelheart Records

recorded at IndyRecords studios in Busto Arsizio in 2004

enginereed, mixed and mastered by Giuseppe Morazzoni - music by KenÚs - lyrics by Alessio Giudice

Extracted from Intersection


review by Artur Felicijan____   


KenÚs truly go for the motto "more is more". The songs are full of great riffs and melodies, too full in fact.  


This is technical. Very sharp rhythm guitars and overall clear production. I can not get passed by the notice that Kenos must have been listening to Schuldiner's work a lot. There are quite a few notes sounding very much like Death and even the vocals remind to Chuck's from time to time. KenÚs without a doubt enjoy showcasing that they're committed to death metal, but not limited to that style as there are constant passages that may lean towards thrash or progressive, and they insert a great amount of ambient acoustics and samples of musical genres that are not related to death metal in any way. In all that mixture, Kenos represent their talent and their will of creativity, but in the meantime it drives the listener into a musical frenzy that's a bit hard to bear. There's a huge number of different melodies and patterns in each song, the rhythms are changing constantly with unpredictable pauses and breaks, which is in a way interesting, but also very chaotic. The wish to express every instrument to it's fullest is obvious and they do the same with vocals, which change and shift as if there were eight guys singing on each track. As I have already mentioned, the vocals remind of Death's singer, which often transform to low pitched growling and at times even some emotional singing (quite cheesy) and whispering.


KenÚs truly go for the motto "more is more". The songs are full of great riffs and melodies, too full in fact. Once you get your ears on one melody, there comes another one, and so on, and when the track is finally over, you can't really recall any of the melodies you've just heard. But nonetheless, the guys have style and force and with such technicality I think they are capable of creating a real metal masterpiece. Until then...


rating: 7.5/10

favorite track: Clouded by Chimeras

Artur Felicijan    


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