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Alright Tonight

Crucify My Heart

Donít Touch The Flame

Every Single Day

Pitch Black Emotions


Nothing To Lose

Heart Of Darkness

This Time

Over Me

Better Days

Tanja - vocals

Sami Vauhkonen - lead guitar

Sauli Kivilahti - guitar

Heavy - bass

Jukka Outinen - drums

LULLACRY: "Crucify my Heart"         lullacry              
Where Angels Fear
Vol. 4

review  by Salvo  Russo____  Salvo Russo 


Third cd for this band from Finland that presents Tanja  as new singer.

The band plays a music influenced by  many bands, by modern metal  ..... and by  new gothic metal(Him, To Die For) too. But not only!!!!  Many songs remaind me to Guano Apes, although Lullacry gives more importance to the melodies! We can include an influence from nu-gothic but just a small one! Tanya's voice is very strong but is able to be sweet too; guitars get a sound very full of power with a perfect distorsion while bass and drums play in a perfect way. 

The quality of this cd is very good, although Lullacry don't use keyboards and i think that many songs should have  taken  it into consideration because  i think that something misses and keyboards could give more intensity to tha soundscape!!!!

 Tracks which are worth to be noticed are :  "Unchain" that is a ballad full of intensity and the vocal melody is wonderful, "Don't touch the flame" that gets a very good melody and could be compared with  Guano Apes' "Open your eyes"  - success of few years ago. "Heart of Darkness" shows the essence of this band....able to create slow parts mixed to speed ones...and with the melody in the veins! Another hit could be the effervescent "This time" that is a song full of energy!!! This is a good rock cd, that could have been better if only they use keyboards. There's a gothic attitude underlined also by the fact that they they play with much intensity but infortunately is not in evidence. I hope they'll improve as far  this aspect is concerned.

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