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Lullacry - "Vol.4" cover

Perfect tonight 
Love, Lust, Desire 
Fire within 
Stranger in You 
Heart shaped Scars 
Soul in Half 
Killing Time 
I want You 
King of Pain 

Tanja - Vocals
Sami Vauhkonen - Lead Guitar
Sauli Kivilahti - Guitar
Heavy - Bass
Jukka Outinen - Drums


photo by Ville Juurikkala
LULLACRY: "Vol. 4"                                     lullacry                        Century Media logo   

recorded at Astia Studio by Anssi Kippo (Children Of Bodom, Entwine) and Finnvox Studio by Mikko Karmila (Nightwish, Stratovarius), mixed by  Mikko Karmila - release date 19th September


Where Angels Fear
Crucify my Heart


preview - review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____  Salvo Russo 


"Vol. 4" will not write an important page in the story of rock but Lullacry confirms to be a fair rock band


Nothing but a fair rock album...this new fourth studio work  from Lullacry. Pure modern rock influenced by punk and there's also a shadow of new goth. The album reminds of No Doubt but Lullacry's style is characterized by powerful guitars and a very excellent rhythmic session able to make the difference! This band could be perfect for all those who likes pop-punk and want to approach metal sound!
Tanja is a very good singer, and she's supported by good musicians able to create good songs with involving refrain even if the music seems far from originality.

The album gets good power and melodic song ; the opener " The perfect Machine" is pure punk-rock that can't but remind of No Doubt and Avril Lavigne concerning the melody... the sound that is nearer to metal. "Love Lust Desire" is a melancholic power rock song . This song is the example of what this band is: nowadays Lullacry makes very easy-listening songs but full of metal concerning the sound.

Lullacry - photo  by Ville Juurikkala


The band never is able to surprise us with different kind of songs, but we can't but affirm that the album is agreeable,  I underline the good involving melody of "I want you",  if only it would have been presented by Avril Lavigne it would be at the top of all charts!!!!!


This easy-listening appeal is perfectly mixed to the power of the sound.  "King of Pain" is another emotional rock song full of pathos! The ballad "Heart shaped Scars" shows the beautiful Tanja's timbre giving special emotions, at times  similar to Madonna!

The last song of this album "Zero" is the example of what modern hard-rock is: strong heavy-guitars supported by a powerful rhythmic session. The production and the arrangements are good.

"Vol. 4" will not write an important page in the story of rock but Lullacry confirms to be a fair rock band able to create agreeable songs but without that touch of originality they'd need.

rating: 7,5/10 


Salvo  Russo


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