1. Enemies Of Reality (5:10)

2. Ambivalent (4:12)

3. Never Purify (4:01)

4. Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday (4:34)

5. I, Voyager (5:48)

6. Create The Infinite (3:37)

7. Who Decides (4:15)

8. Noumenon (4:37)

9. Seed Awakening (4:30)  


Warrel Dane - vocals

Jeff Loomis - guitar

James Sheppard - bass

Van Williams - drums

NEVERMORE: "Enemies of Reality"             nevermore       

preview - review  by Dimitris "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos___


After nearly 3 years Nevermore are back with a new album.Many problems with Century Media led to this big delay of the new material.Enemies of Reality has some elements from the last 3 albums,technical songs in the politcs of ecstasy style,a bit of Dead Heart style on some riffs and finally some madness from the Dreaming Neon Black era.But everything sounds fresh and the band is on great form.The album opens with the self titled track Enemies Of Reality with a half minute intro and a drum intro from Van,the main riff comes like a thunder and the progressive paranoia begins.Warrel sounds most angry than ever,brilliant track,one of the best songs nevermore have ever written,the chorus is simply amazing and it sticks in your head for weeks.

Next song is Ambivalent,another aggresive song with great melody on the chorus.

Never Purify is next and hits you with the main melody straight away,this melody is so dramatic and with Warrel's voice it becomes even better.Amazing song,one of the best moments of this excellent album.

Tomorrow turned into Yesterday is the ballad of the album,slow and enigmatic,a great song but i don't think it fits so well in this album.Still this tune rocks.

I,Voyager starts with great guitar work from Jeff,chorus is excellent and we've got another masterpiece.

Create The Infinite kicks in with a huge riff in the style of 'inside four walls'  and Warrel counts to number 7 and once again we're left with a killer tune.Next song is probably my fave tracks of the album,

Who Decides can't be described,it starts with death metal guitar and drums and after a short melodic solo it becomes a ballad,one of the best and most touching ballads i've ever heard the last years.Warrel's voice shines,i can't get this song out of my head since the first time i heard it.Very dramatic song,if i had to describe it i'd say it sounds like 'insignificant' if it was written during the dreaming neon black period.The song finishes in the same way it started,death metal way.

Noumenon is not exactly what we usualy call a song but i'd describe it as a psychotic jam by four paranoids,in this case it's Jeff,Warrel,Van and Jim.An emotional,psychedelic 'song' which doesn't have any specific structure.Strange part of the album but it's in the spirit of the whole cd.'There is no stronger drug than reality' as Warrel says in it.

Last song of the album is Seed Awakening which starts with a brilliant riff,probably the most aggressive song of the album,amazing track,best way to finish this excellent in all sections album.

With Enemies of Reality Nevermore once again prove us why they are considered one of th best bands of the world today and this album is surely a Nevermore classic.  ALL songs are great,the guitar work by Jeff is excellent,the guitar solos kill.

The only thing i don't like in this cd is it's short duration,only 41 minutes.When you hear such a masterpiece you surely want to hear 2 or 3 more songs but still this album is worth it's money, even if it had just 3 songs!yes it's that good...The lyrics can only be beaten by those in Dreaming Neon Black.Very twisted and angry,Warrel spits the reality to all his(our) enemies.Welcome back Nevermore,it's been a long time,we've missed you.Thanks to Warrel,Jeff,Jim and Van for another masterpiece that will help us wait patiently until your next album.This album surely deserves a 10/10 but because it's so good and at the same time so small in duration i'll give it a .....


Dimitris Theodoropoulos  


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