Beyond Within

The Death Of Passion

I Am The Dog

Dreaming Neon Black


The Fault Of The Flesh

The Lotus Eaters

Poison Godmachine

All Play Dead


No More Will



Warrel DANE: Vocals

Jeff LOOMIS: Lead & rhythm guitars

Tim CALVERT: Lead & rhythm guitars



NEVERMORE: "Dreaming Neon Black"             nevermore                  

This Godless Endeavor
Enemies of Reality

review by Ellnas ____   


Full of hate and emotions, tortured vocals and gloomy lyrics.

3 long years after their high acclaimed album "The Politics of Ecstasy" released in 1996, NEVERMORE came back in 1999 with a new line-up (guitarist Pat O’Brien was replaced by Tim Calvert ex-FORBIDDEN ) and a new album named Dreaming Neon Black. For a lot of fans this one’s their masterpiece…and I think they’re right!

From the opener “Ophidian” to the last track “Forever” it’s an evidence that they’ve reached a higher level of composition, inspiration and ambition! Indeed they “grab” you with an intense and subtle concept about the loss of the beloved…(I know it’s a quite short summary!). Anyway, the constant gloomy lyrics really make you feel bad and seem to be an invitation in the tortured spirit of Warrel Dane!

I think it’s important to notice that the dark cover artwork and booklet (done by Travis Smith) are really expressive and enhance the concept. A success!

Let’s talk about music now. Just consider that the songs are more mature than ever! Be assured that “more mature” doesn’t mean boring or calm! All those who enjoy their music know how NEVERMORE can create unhealthy atmospheres with sharp and crushing guitar riffs…and with Dreaming… they get beyond all your expectations!

No need to do a track by track, every song is a piece of the puzzle and a highlight! The rhythm section is stronger than ever and twist your spine while duettists Loomis and Calvert deliver killer guitar parts with a diabolical precision.

However, I think the most impressive performance on the album is done by the charismatic Warrel Dane. Possessed by the music, he screams his anger all along the album but never forgets to deliver delicate vocal parts that bowl you over…just unique and fantastic!

All the NEVERMORE trademarks are definitely here with this album: a complex music full of hate and emotions, tortured vocals and gloomy lyrics, and of course a brilliant technical level. That’s why we can call it a masterpiece!

Most certainly Dreaming Neon Black is a great step forward for the band and a major influence for many others (for ex. just listen to ANGEL DUST, SYMPHORCE…you’ll understand what I mean!).

According to me this album is the perfect balance between their catchy "Dead Heart in a dead World" (2000) and the aggressive "Enemies of Reality" (2002, remastered in 03/2005).

Sure it deserves your attention. Enjoy!!!!!!!


Favourite tracks: The Lotus Eaters; Poison Godmachine

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