1. Don't Count Me Out
2. Same Old Song
3. Nothing
4. The Tables Have Turned
5. Not Afraid To Die
6. Dancing With The Dead
7. Tear It Up
8. Bye / Die
9. My Misery
10. A Good Day To Die
11. Stay Away
12. The Third Wave




written produced, mixed, recorded and performed by Peter Tägtgren at Abyss Studio

PAIN: "Dancing with the Dead"          pain                     universal music

promoted by  Focusion.de - release date: 21 March

Nothing remains the same
Interview with Pain

preview - review by Gianrichy "Richy" Giamboi ___                       

A must for every tolerant metalhead

So here it is, the fourth born of Tätgrens Child Pain. I really didn’t expect too much from this cd, I couldn’ t really imagine, where Pete wanted to go after the last Pain output. After hearing two songs live during the last Pain tour, I still had my doubts. Now I can say, these were totally unjustified.

Dancing with the dead is Pain as its best!! Where at first listening I thought to hear placative popsongs I discovered marvellous compositions packed in a perfect sound suit. Jet the whole production almost blowed me away!!

The first song is in my humble opinion one the most uninteresting of the whole cd, but after that,  Pain get off with the first single output “Same old song”. What a bombastic and catchy song guys!! After having listened to it for at least fifty times this keyboard refrain is still in my head, there is no escape!!

After “Same old Song” Pain continue its victorious march through the twelve songs. Also in “Nothing” and “The tables have turned” to tomention the remarcable refrain and the crescendo till the choruses.

Then my favourite song “Not afraid to die”.  Its bridge almost made me weep, I’ m serious! This song reminds me at the same time of Paradise Lost and Zeromancer, with this heavenly bridge that could come from the techno Godfather from “RMB””. Now time for the “Dancing with the dead”. The titletrack is simply another smash hit, that rotate in ones head again and again!!

Tear it up” shows a more simplicistic side of Pain, not a favourite song to me. But with “Bye/Die  everithing is ok again, energy, energy and more energy!! “My misery” is a little bit slower and a good opportunity to take breath, while being carried on the wings of its cool keyboard carpet.  A good day to die” is the last song that hasn’ t the quality of the rest. A little bit boring in my opinion...

Stay away” is now ready to blow away the listeners head. Its a little bit psychedelic refrain vocal line fits perfectly to the song and creates a welcomed change in the context of the whole album! Also very catchy and interesting to listen at!! Time for the last act namedThe third vawe”. This song is in line with the rest, cool chorus and perfect team play between guitars an electronic section!!

After all I can say  “Dancing with the Dead” can be counted as Pain best output till now.!! The sound is still characterized by the symbiosis of hard guitars, a lot of electronic that gives its own colours to every song and the very characteristic clean but still aggressive vocals that make of every singalong part a headbanger and at the same time dance adapted hit! I think (and hope) Pain will crack the charts, and give a statemant of hard music to the world!! Thumbs up!! A definitively must for every tolerant metal head!!


rating: 9/10  


Gianrichy Giamboi  
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