Year Or Two

Give Back My Heart

Heart Will Stop

Thru The Mire


Purity -

Final Peace

Inside Me

Disillusion (outro)




Aleksi Ahokas - guitars, bass, vocals

Sami Koikkalainen - guitars

Tim Toivanen - drums

Guest musicians: 

keyboards by Tea Dickman (Eavesdrop)

growl vocals Henri Villberg (Rapture).

RAIN PAINT: "Disillusion of Purity"    rain paint        

Recorded & mixed: by Tuomo Valtonen at Sundicoop Studios (Finland).
Mastered: by Mika Jussila at Finnvox (Finland).

Interview with Aleksi Ahokas
Nihil Nisi Mors

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____                     

This time it’s “another music”….5-6 unforgettable pearls of  Mournful Metal!!! 

It’ easy to give emotions by music when you make it from the heart…It’s what happened to this band...This band comes back after the fair previous album “ Nihil Nisi Mors” but this time it’s “another music”….

The band shows a better approach to the compositions…never banal and rich of depth…not all songs are great but the album gives us almost 5-6 unforgettable pearls of  Mournful Metal!!!

This album will be the joy of all those who like bands like RAPTURE, NOVEMBRE, KATATONIA, BEFORE THE DAWN!

The first song is more than emotional!!!! “Year or two” gets a depressive melodic refrain sung by growl vocals that enters directly into your heart!!!

It’s still depressive metal the next “ Give back my Heart” in which a Katatonia shadow meets the heart of the band!

“Heart will stop” is another pure gothic song full of intensity ; there’s a far touch of modern metal in the guitar sound…

“Thru the Mire” takes the best of the latest Katatonia by a great refrain , the vocal approach seems (in some parts) to remind of Placebo’s vocals!

It’s the time for a cover. It’s “Disintegration”…famous The Cure song! The cover has been re-arranged in a mediocre way and for this reason it doesn’t give  the feeling it should have needed to be a great cover!

“Purity” is a great song that mixes melodic-death black to gothic!!! The band shows us the ability to create a great structure and a great melody into a very good arrangement that puts in evidence the powerful guitars.

Not always the clean vocals are very well recorded, but, in my opinion Alesky’s voice is good and I hope to listen to an improvement in the next release regarding this aspect!

Anyway, on the whole,  the production and the arrangements are good; The album has been recorded at the Walltone/Sundicoop Studio and continued At Finnvox!!!

I still underline  the last song “ Disillision “( outro)” that creates great gothic emotions!

A good come-back from Finland!


rating: 8,5/10  


Salvo  Russo  11.06.2006  
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