Lithium And A Lover

Voices Within

A Mental Symphony


In My Darkest Hours

Save Me From Myself

The Fall Within


Seven Sirens And A Silver Tear

  Morten Veland: vocals & guitars
Kristian Gundersen: vocals & guitars
Henriette Bordvik: vocals
Jonathan Perez: drums & percussion


      "An Elixir for Existence "  sirenia         

recorded in  Sound Suite Studios 

Nine Destinies and a Downfall
At Sixes and Sevens


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____    


Morten Veland comes back after two years with another good cd from "Sirenia", this new project that begun in 2001, that tries to take inspirations from Tristania, but not only...Rock & Metal are mixed with classic elements, and I admit that Morten is a good songwriter !!! His capabilities are mixed with the talent of the musicians that take part in this project.

This album could be loved both by the Love Metal maniacs and by the old Gothic metal fans, but also Black Metal fans could find something interesting. Morten Veland and its new band have found a good way to make songs, full of sadness but rich of power.



...Even if there is a couple of not unforgettable my opinion Morten has been able to create a very dark atmosphere that sometimes goes to Black metal keeping Rock-Gothic style concerning the arrangements !!!!


Try to listen "Voices Within"...a very powerful song that shows the beautiful voice of Henriette into an old gothic atmosphere in the strophe.....The refrain shows Black & Gothic inspirations mixed in a perfect way !!!

"A Mental Symphony" is a gothic anthem !!!!Chorus, pathos and a fantastic melody !!!! Try to listen and you'll be embraced in their Elixir !!!! A very beautiful song...

"Euphoria" gets similar characteristics...gothic chorus, a sweet female vocal, and Morten Veland that shows a perfect timbre that mixed growling and screaming in a very personal way !!!!! Another good track that will be loved by all those who feel the lack of TRISTANIA !!!


"In My Darkest Hour" doesn't get original ideas, there's no good refrain and nothing emotional...apart the female vocal; Henriette gets a dreaming timbre that I'm sure will make an impression on all gothic fans ! In my opinion this song is the result of a way to compose songs that has become their style !


"Save Me From Myself" is a romantic jewel...What a beautiful song !!!!!!! The old atmosphere of this song is mixed and arranged in a perfect way, and the delicate sound of this track makes it suitable also for those who like Björk style ! A very good work that shows a mature band, and able to realize very emotional atmospheres !!!!


"The Fall Within" is another typical song that doesn't show nothing new, but fortunately "Star Crossed" is  another sweet Gothic jewel in which the female vocals are mixed with classic chorus into a perfect old fashion for this song that gets also Black parts....!!!!!! I underline the good ability to give value to rhythmic parts, that are all well set and not only concerning the good sound ! The guitars gets a powerful and perfect distortion , rich of low tones, and the electronic parts are integrated in a perfect way.

"Seven Siren and a Silver Tear" is a sad piano that gives me the obscure and melancholic atmosphere in which there's nothing to say; listen to it with your headphone.....these are simply emotions !!!!!


What can I say ?? A mature band, in which the mystic and dark atmosphere are the main characteristics. The production is at the top, as well as the arrangements realized at the Sound Suite Studios !

Rating: 8.5/10  
Salvo  Russo    05/03/2004
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