1. Letter to my Child never born
  2. Violet Loneliness
  3. Fading Shadow
  4. Angels in Disguise
  5. The killing Speed of Time
  6. The Streets of Laudomia
  7. Fly
  8. Out in open Space
  9. 9 Degrees west of the Moon
  10. Touch of Evil
  11. Fading Shadow (Demo Version)




Fabio Lione - Vocals 

Olaf Thorsen - Guitars 
Cristiano Bertocchi - Bass 
Alessio Lucatti - Keyboards 
Federico Puleri - Guitars 

Alessandro Bissa -Drums

VISION  DIVINE: "9 Degrees west of the Moon"  vision divine   


Interview with Olaf Thorsen 2006
The Perfect Machine
Interview with Olaf Thorsen 2003
Stage of Consciousness

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   



Obscure and magniloquent.


The new Vision Divine is characterized by the return of the singer Fabio Lione, who takes the place of Michele Luppi that has been the protagonist of the latest two albums.

"9 Degrees West Of The Moon"  is a very good work with great  attitude in which  Olaf shows the capability to compose interesting tracks full of pathos and technique in which all band mates can show their amazing abilities.

The keyboards of Alessio Lucatti are perfect and put the proper electronic approach in the right parts…and also the atmosphere where the key must give the ambient of the song….

The band has worked in particular in the progressive aspect that is very important in this album… The rhythmic session is perfect and is supported by great Olaf ‘s solos and the indispensable Alessio’s keyboard support and solos!

The melodies are almost all agreeable…melodic and obscure…powerful and magniloquent…

The singer?... Fabio is, without a shadow of doubt, a good singer but, personally I don’t like his excessive “theatrical” approach that puts in evidence high notes by the usual and the classic vibrate voice…for the rest he’s perfect like the rest of the band  for this great return.

As I said before, the songs are different and this is a very important element …I like the celebrative first track “Letter To My Child Never Born” in which the classic power in well mixed to the progressive approach; the song is supported by a good melody, like the next “Violet Loneliness” in which the band plays a classic hard rock supported by a romantic suffering melody…

The overwhelming “Fading Shadow” is a pearl for those who likes the claustrophobic power metal!!! A great Fabio Lione gives emphasis to the song in which the melody is supported by a perfect execution of the band…able to to emphasize the soul of the song.

There’s still space for a decaying song like “Angel In Disguise” that shows the theatrical ability of the band to give a sulphuric atmosphere to the song…

“The Killing Speed Of Time” is another amazing demonstration that the band is able to change direction without being out of style…try to listen……

“The Streets Of Laudomia” is nothing special…an almost fair song that nothing adds to this album and precedes the melodic mid-tempos of “Fly” that shows nothing but a good melodic refrain into a classic rock structure.

“Out In Open Space” seems to come by the classic Stratovarius style and shows the ability of the band to create a very interesting chorus into a good melody…

The slow “Degrees West Of The Moon” is characterized by an intense sadness… a great maturity in the art to create songs.

There’s space also a for a Judas Priest cover that is “Touch Of Evil” that is perfectly interpreted by the band with an incredible feeling….

I want still underline the importance of the lyrics in which the main theme is the dialogue between a father and a son…a dialogue never born!

…The album is closed by the demo version of “Fading Shadow”….

I want to add that behind the mixer there’s always the presence of Timo Tolkki that has arranged the album in a great way under all aspects…

Another great proof by this great Italian band…


rating: 8,5/10  

Salvo Russo  05.03.2009 
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