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End Of All Hope

Bless The Child

Sleeping Sun

She Is My Sin

Walking In The Air


Over The Hills And Far Away

The Kinslayer

Dead Boy's Poem



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  Tarja Turunen - Vocals
Tuomas Holopainen - Keyboards
Marco Hietala - Bass
Erno Vuorinen - Guitar
Jukka Nevalainen - Drums

NIGHTWISH: "Tales from the Elvenpath"   nightwish       drakkar 
Century Child
Nightwish live in Minneapolis 2004
Interview with Tarja and Tuomas

review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___

To appeal to Nightwish fans

This CD is intended to appeal to Nightwish fans who don’t feel like buying all their albums but want all the good songs on one CD. This album is perfect for this type of buyer.  I’ll cover some of the bonus material .


            Walking In The Air

            This song starts off with a beautiful piano introduction with Tarja’s smooth vocals that is bound to even make babies fall asleep. Thinking of the cover, this song does give off a sort of fantasy feel to it. It’s such a relaxing song, I don’t know if I’d call it metal or not. Probably the best use for this song is going on long road trips, looking at vast wide-open spaces or after that concert where your really too rocked out to listen to In Flames on your way back home. In this song, there is really nice guitar solo ale the 1980’s, which does it for me. The song may seem boring the way I am writing it out, but it is a nice song, definitely something you couldn’t rock out to.



            At very first glance, this song sound A LOT like “Wanderlust” at the beginning. Unlike the previous track, this is without a doubt a metal song. Yet, it gives off that same Celtic feeling that Wanderlust does. The vocals and lyrics are done really well! This is a nice and typical Nightwish song where the guitar and vocals are in complete harmony and the keyboards late in the song do their own thing, then the song gets re-positioned where it centers on the keys. The vocals take the song back into their spotlight. This is a sing-along song that again, would be great to listen to in the car.



            Very moody from the get go. The name by itself gives off the idea of sleepwalking. The vocals are again sung with such a grace that is hard to duplicate. Tarja is singing as if she is singer to “you” the audience. In this track she brings out 100% of her classical training with lots of vibrato. The down parts of the song are that the vocals do get too repetitive and drums, sound like drum machines. Other than that, I really like this song too; it gives off this nice feeling when people listen to it. However, to get the full effect of this song, it has to be listened to at night. During the day, just doesn’t feel right.



            Another song with a drum machine…great…where’s Jukka!?  The intro sounds like an 80’s pop song. This song, gives off pretty much the same emotions as Sleepwalker does. Although the songs are completely different I would just be repeating what I said about Sleepwalker. The same things happen vocally and lyrically. Another song where you could only listen to at night, however, this song does have an awesome lyric in it, “Felling lonely and content…at the same time…” Gets the mind thinking.


            I would recommend his CD to anyone who doesn’t have “Over The Hills” or “Sleep Walker” or “She Is My Sin”. This would be perfect, aside from the goofy title of the CD, this is a great buy, especially for the guys who have girlfriends who LOVE listening to YOUR Nightwish CD, borrowing your Nightwish CD, for that “one” song and never seeing your CD back in your precious collection again.

Rating: N/A


Matthew Haumschild 
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