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8 December 2005







review by dalia di giacomo

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INTRO - Anyone waiting for Manntis? No, ...no Manntis in this "Tourturing Europe 2005", at their place we will attend the Dutch Death metal outfit God Dethroned.  But anyway, the tour remains imposing, both  concerning billing  and number of dates; directly from Treviso (Italy) it comes now across Switzerland, stopping in Zürich at the Abart Music Club. Crowded venue, great audience response. The Death/Thrash and Hardcore scene finds another great and  comfortable occasion for enjoying  top -notch bands in Zürich. Another metal thunder is about to fall on our banging heads. But there are 2 aspects which make this concert  particularly memorable in addition to  the fact  that will will attend nothing less than big calibers.  First of things, today is the  first anniversary of Dimebag Darrel's tragic Death, which will be remembered on the stage , he,  the number 1. Passionate words will be spent for example from  God Forbid for him and for the metal community. Second factor is the  tight and immediate comparison between  American way of acting and  European one. Beyond any technical consideration, in my opinion the American God Forbid will win this confrontation big time. I wouldn't say they were the best on stage, it doesn't make sense and moreover God Dethroned and The Haunted will play an excellent gig. The Haunted then will receive  an enormous appreciation. But nothing resists this evening the capacity to impact with such an impetus, to convey vibes of sympathy, to have such big fun, to catapult the music,  like the American God Forbid  will do. Maybe typical of bands coming from the other shore of the ocean. I 've seen relatively  few European bands so totally opened for  the audience indeed. Apart from that,  the Tourturing stage in Switzerland will  be a first -class concert on the whole. We are here for being  tourtured, aren't we? So may the Tourture begin.

GOD DETHRONED                god dethroned    


20:16_ God Dethroned are really a good act, i saw them some years ago , but i must say that what i have in front of me seems a different band, a band more  able to express their music at the best, and their Death/Black is damned attractive. It may depend from  some recent line up changes but fact is that God Dethroned can place their music optimally and immediately in our mind. In few words immediate grip. Not bad , eh?  Vocalist  and founder  member Henri "T.S.K" Sattler is always attentive yet always  a bit easy going, like a fox he knows well what to do, knows well what the fans want and actually  there is a group of young fans, very likely true "worms", going nuts for God Dethroned. But, in general, the whole crowd begins with a cool appreciation. There is not that impetus and that charge that God Forbid will bring afterwards, but the atmosphere is good, the music interesting , catchy but never commercial, with that keen sense of melody mixed with the ability to delivers walls of heavy riffs and pummeling brutality. A  strong gig, an enjoyable one, that will not disappoint, on the contrary it pumps up the crowd and launches the Tourture to spheres of inviting pleasure. Good performance (concerning solos too) comes  from  conservatorium graduated guitarist Isaac Delahaye, and from drummer Ariën Van Weesenbeek, the well played (with the fingers)  bass and Sattler's vocals complete the picture.  

After the opener Nihilism and the following  track Boiling Blood ,  Henri Sattler  greet Zürich with horns up: "Hi Zürich we are God Dethroned from Holland!", definitely not Manntis hehhehe, many horns up and headbanging God Dethroned receive back going on with Soulsweeper . Much  energy accompanied by tuneful chords and mighty drums.

 Among the new songs from the latest album "The Lair Of The White Worm", we can listen to Sigma Enigma and Salt in your wounds. The only one track i personally don't like is Villa Vampiria, but  it is a must  in the repertoire of the band, therefore it is proposed. Many of these songs make group, arise a kind of fellowship identity among the people in the crowd. When the concert is finished,   Harry Sattler thanks this audience "Thank you  for coming to the show tonight!" impressed by the Swiss behaviour, so enthusiastic yet so  respectful. Up the horns, we salute God Dethroned that have rocked the Abart.

Boiling Blood
Villa Vampiria
Sigma Enigma
Salt in your wounds

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GOD FORBID        god forbid      

IV: Constitution of Treason
Interview with Doc Coyle
God Forbid live at Weapons of Mass Destruction Tour 2004 in USA


Around 21:00 God Forbid take the stage:  it is impelling force and  involving sympathy at once. Hardcore/ NWOAW oriented, with a badass attitude and the will to have fun and give a big kick  to our minds, God Forbid begin, after the intro ,  with  The End of the World, from the new album "IV: Constitution of Treason". They are commanding although they seem  mates of yours, as consequence the room is won with a sea of risen arms,  lots of banging rows and much acclamation. Unfortunately Byron Davis 's vocals don't come out so  vivid from the microphone, it is difficult to  hear him,  if standing  in  the first positions. There is no doubt he screams his lungs out, but the result in terms of resolution is poor, on the contrary the instrumentation  gets an optimal  sound. But you know what? Byron Davis is such a great frontman, even only concerning  his physical way to arise the attention and his movements,  that paradoxically he could go on  without  singing, only speaking  here and there between  a song and another, and the success would be certain anyway ... Because he is a "stage-beast", supported by a persevering and freak, lively, aggressive, enthusiast, trained   musicianship. 

Moshing  and jumping like hell, the crowd enjoy the tracks that are delivered straight forward in a mix of brutality hardness and melody. A gig full of details: an appeal  to the metal community,  remembering  Dimebag Darrel, is launched, backing vocals are well traced  and provide for a diversification at the microphone, and a help too.  Lead- guitar solos  are not missed,  and often the rhythmic section is really implacable . 

All in all , Byron Davis too  seems to be very satisfied of the Swiss audience:  invites us to  make afterparty and tells us we are "fucking, fucking good", and finally,  "we have still one song!", Broken Promise.  At the end of the show, after 50 minutes of  success,  Byron Davis promises to come back  here in Switzerland soon. Let's hope!

The End of the World, 

Force Fed

Into the Wasteland


Gone Forever

Chains of Humanity

Better Days

Broken Promise




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THE HAUNTED       the haunted    


Around 22:17, in front of a very excited crowd, the Swedish Death/ThrashersThe Haunted start off with the last  much awaited gig of the evening. I am very curious to see this band, who has reached an undisputable aura and status. Beyond what i have heard from their discography and in particular from rEvolver,  i would like to understand which is the point of force, the key , the code that makes The Haunted so admired. The crowd is switched by its own , totally high, aggressive and mesmerized, but i would like to understand why, from the moment that the songs are not easy stuff, but maybe it is right for this reason? 

What i see is a band not very homogenous concerning the outfit of the members.  Peter Dolving is a force of nature absolutely insane (in the best  term of the meaning of course!)  and histrionic, he has the same anger of Greg Puciato  and the same extroverted original vein of sickness of Zak from Clawfinger. All in all  this is a  very Ameriswedish front man attitude and a great capacity to take the attention, ravishing then it pitilessly even with moments of alienated psychosy. Guitarist Jensen is the contrary of all this, he remains a bit apart  in a serious and inspired control of the riffs, while on the other side of the stage the brothers Björler build an united headbanging front. Everything  underlined by an opportune drumming. So ok, what is the common denominator ? I think  the sound. And the related techniques used in order to produce a definite sound.  I get  the impression that  The Haunted lead an almost aristocratic research around the sound, around what music can transmit. Jensen can absolutely take distance from the ambience,  abstracting himself when he need to tune his guitar, while the bass is played searching for the ultimate touch. Vocalist Dolving too is interested in the sound of the vocals and the impact of a gesture, of a scream , of a howl, of a growl. 

The audience enjoys every note, also crowdsurfing's are not missed: the setlist is long, sweat is flowing, songs come out ecclecting with their thrashy slayer-y fierceness and with an alternation  between melody and bursts of violence. Anyway this is not always linear, sometimes  i really don't understand where a song wants to go,  which will be its development, cause moods are very diversified.. The Haunted make an excursus across their discography until the last  asphyxiant track, quite long , experimental , desperate, My Shadow,  is proposed as the last  song  of a very intense show. My Shadow is also the song that closes the last album rEvolver. At 23:24 o' clock , the 70 minute- long  bittersweet, imposing concert ends, leaving the fans satisfied under the law "Thrash till Death"

No Compromise, 

Nothing Right

Bullet Hole

Shadow World 

Bloodletting Intro

In Vein






Hate Song

All Against All

Dark Intentions

Bury Your Dead

My Shadow



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